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Disable tap on touchpad to click in Windows 11

Windows 11 like previous versions of the Microsoft operating system, allows the configuration of how we interact with our computer

If you have a laptop with Windows 11, for example, you can decide how it works and how to interact with the Touch Panel (built-in touch mouse). Although this laptop touchpad has two buttons corresponding to the left and right mouse button, by default you can also left-click with just one press on the main part of the touchpad.

Although by default, the touch panel of your laptop with Windows 11 allows you to left click with a press on said panel, the truth is that this is not to the liking of all users, even more so when the touch panel has its own left and right buttons to make these clicks.

Many users, especially those who use the touch panel a lot for precision tasks, can mistakenly perform keystrokes that will trigger a left click when this is not desired. If these users want to click the left mouse button, they can use the left button also incorporated in the touch mouse of your laptop.

Fortunately, Windows 11 allows us to customize the behavior of the keystrokes made on the touch panel of your laptop. In this way, for example, we can deactivate that a press on the touch panel makes a left click with the mouse cursor on your laptop with Windows 11.

That said, next, we want to show you step by step how to deactivate the left mouse click when we click on the touch panel of your laptop with Windows 11

How to prevent clicking on the touchpad on your Windows 11 laptop from clicking the left mouse button.

1. Open the Settings app using the keyboard shortcut: Windows key + I

2. Here you will have to go to the section: Bluetooth and devices

3. Now, in the main part of the window, you will have to select the option: Touch Panel

4. When you are in the specific settings of the touch panel, you will have to click on: Keystrokes

5. This will display a set of configurations such as:

  • Press with one finger to click.
  • Two-finger tap to right-click.
  • Double-click and drag to select multiple items.
  • Press the lower right corner of the touch panel to right-click.

6. All these options are activated by default and can be individually unchecked. In this tutorial, as we want to avoid that a press on the touch panel corresponds to a left mouse click, we must uncheck the first option: Press with a finger to click.

Once the keystrokes of the touch panel of your Windows 11 laptop have been configured according to your taste or needs, it will have immediate effects and you will only have to exit the configuration to continue with your tasks and check the new behavior of your touch mouse.

Date update on 2021-10-19. Date published on 2021-10-19. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: downloadsource