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How they use spam to attack

When browsing the Internet, using services and platforms that we have available, our security may be compromised

This means that we must at all times protect equipment and avoid problems. In this article we are going to talk about what e-mail bombing is, a very common problem related to Spam that could affect our security. We will also give some tips to avoid falling victim to this problem.

How e-mail bombing affects

E-mail bombing, or we can also call it mail bombing, basically consists of an attack in which a large number of e-mails are sent to our address. They can be very different emails. Sometimes they want us to subscribe to a newsletter, other times they try to get us to download a file or register somewhere.

However, this term also refers to the attempt to saturate an email server. An attacker could create a script capable of sending a large number of e-mails in a short time with the aim of causing failures, of trying not to solve all those requests.

It should be borne in mind that sometimes e-mail bombing can occur to try to distract users, companies and organizations, and in this way bypass other important emails that they may receive. Let's say that all of a sudden in one morning they send us 100 emails. We are waiting for an important email and our inbox has been flooded and we can ignore it or even delete it without realizing it.

Therefore, we can say that e-mail bombing is a technique that hackers use to saturate an address, to try to sneak malware or simply to get us to open a link or register for a service. Sometimes it is closely related to Spam or junk mail.

How to avoid spam and email bombardment

It is important that we take steps to avoid spam and junk mail. We must not make mistakes that could compromise our email address. We are going to give a series of important tips so that our email is always protected. It is without a doubt one of the biggest problems in email. Every day users receive many emails of this type. Sometimes they end up in the inbox.

Many of these tips are common to how to protect ourselves against other similar threats. These are small steps that we can take in our day to day to ensure that our privacy and security are always safe and thus be able to keep away hackers who may take advantage of our accounts to achieve their objective.

Do not make our address public

Something very important to avoid Spam and also that our mail suffers e-mail bombing is to avoid that our address is public in the network. This means, for example, not writing in public forums or comments on web pages and leaving our address. It is common sense advice, but it is without a doubt one of the most common mistakes made by users on the net.

There are many bots on the Internet whose mission is to search the Internet in search of email addresses that they can include in lists to send spam, be part of targeted attacks and, ultimately, endanger our email. The same could happen if we publish the phone number.

strong>Take care where we register

We must also take care where we register and therefore where we put our address. There are many services and platforms on the web. However, not all are safe. We can be victims of scams and that they only look for a way to collect our e-mail.

If we are going to register on a page that causes us doubts, which can be a problem for our security, we can always create an alternative account or even opt for disposable emails. In this way our main address will not be compromised at any time and we will not start receiving spam emails.

Avoid insecure networks

Wi-Fi networks are everywhere. Today we can connect from anywhere, practically. Now, not all of them are going to be safe. An example would be a train station or shopping mall. They are usually in very crowded areas, where there can be many users connecting at any given time. We do not know if it may be unsafe to navigate here, or who could be behind that network.

If we log into our email or send an email from these networks, we can be victims of attacks. They could record our address and put privacy at risk. In case of need, we can look for alternatives such as sharing mobile data from our phone.

Protect our equipment

Another very important question to avoid e-mail bombing and other security threats related to e-mail is to adequately protect our computers. This is something that we must apply regardless of the type of device we are using or the operating system we have installed.

We must have security programs. A good antivirus can prevent the entry of threats that compromise our computer and that could be used to send attacks even by email, in case of collecting data. But you also have to install the latest security updates that are available, as this will correct possible vulnerabilities.

Create strong and secure passwords

The password is the main security barrier to prevent intrusion into our accounts. Therefore, creating keys that are strong and complex is also going to help us greatly. It is important that they have letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols. All this, in addition, in a random way. It is something that we must take great care in any record we have on the Internet.

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