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How to activate and use Wifi calling on iPhone

Although many of you may have forgotten, the truth is that you are still able to make and receive calls through our mobile phone operator.

The use of this function is totally dependent on the quality of the signal that our terminal receives, which makes it impossible to make voice calls with other users, if we are in a place with bad or no coverage, no matter how much we dial their number. of phone. Precisely this type of situation is what the new iPhone Wi-Fi Calling function tries to solve

Wi-Fi calls on your iPhone allow you to use any type of wireless Internet connection to make and receive phone calls instead of using the traditional mobile network. This can be of enormous help and get us out of more than one predicament. On a personal basis, I own a small house at the moment in which there is unfortunately no coverage. However, I do have an internet connection. Well now you can receive and make voice calls when my iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi network.

However, you have to take into account 2 factors to be able to use Wi-Fi calls on your iPhone:

  • Your iPhone must be compatible and for this it must be an iPhone 5C or later.
  • Your telephone company (telemarketer) must support this option. Here is a complete list of the telemarketers that allow it: List of telemarketers that allows Wi-Fi calls

If you meet these 2 requirements, below we show you how to activate and use Wi-Fi calls on your iPhone to be able to make calls when you do not have mobile coverage but if you have a wireless internet connection:

How to activate Wi-Fi calling on iPhone

1. Open the Settings app

2. Go to the option: Telephone

3. Select the option: Wi-Fi Calls

4. Here you will find the setting: Wi-Fi Calling (this iPhone)

5. Next to it you will see the switch that you must activate so that the option is enabled

From this moment on, your iPhone will be able to receive and make phone calls even if you do not have coverage when you are connected to a wireless internet connection.

How to use Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone

The good news is that you don't need to do anything to use Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone. The iPhone will be the one that will automatically detect that the coverage is bad or null and proceed to use the Wi-Fi call activated on your iPhone.

As an iPhone user, when your iPhone receives a call over Wi-Fi, you will see how in the status bar, next to the name of your telemarketer, the word Wi-Fi is displayed.

Calling over Wi-Fi is like calling over a mobile network, that is, your phone number remains the same and your caller ID will show the information linked to your mobile account.

During a call, if you lose your Wi-Fi connection, iPhone will automatically switch to a mobile signal so you don't miss the call.

In addition, you should also bear in mind that calls made over Wi-Fi will have no cost for any of the users.

How to activate Wi-Fi calls on other devices from iPhone.

It should be noted that if your operator supports Wi-Fi calls on devices connected to iCloud, you can receive and make calls from other Apple devices such as an iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

To add other devices to Wi-Fi calling, you will have to activate it as follows:

1. Open: Settings

2. Go to the option: Telephone

3. Now here you will see the option: Calls on other devices.

4. After accessing this setting you will have to activate the option Enable Allow calls on other devices through the corresponding switch.

5. All available devices will appear just below the Allow Calls On setting. You can activate or deactivate each of the devices in a specific way. Wi-Fi Calling will be automatically enabled for any Apple Watch when you turn on Allow Calling on other devices.

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