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How to activate compact view in Windows 11 in Explorer

Windows 11 incorporates many options and functions that allow you to customize the view or design of the Microsoft operating system interface.

One of these functions is the Compact View, which allows showing a much more minimalist File Explorer interface, by reducing the space between elements of the tree on the left side of the window, among other things.

The Windows File Explorer is probably the most used folder / location of the operating system since through it we can access any file or program regardless of the path where it is located. This makes File Explorer a fundamental tool for users.

The customization of Windows File Explorer 11 is considered necessary above all to improve the user experience and considerably improve productivity. Windows 11 is even more minimalist than Windows 10 and this can be reflected in the design of the icons, as well as in the spacing between the File Explorer elements.

Windows 11 File Explorer still displays a menu or tree of direct locations. In Windows 11 the spacing between items in this tree / menu is greater than in previous versions of the Microsoft operating system. Although this greater spacing makes the interface much cleaner, the truth is that it is not to everyone's liking.

Fortunately, Windows 11 offers a configuration called Compact view that allows you to considerably reduce the space of the folders in the menu on the left side of the window. In addition, it also reduces the space between files in folders or sections as recently opened files.

That said, next, we show you how to activate the Compact View of Windows 11 File Explorer to reduce the space between folders and locations on the left menu of the window, as well as hide the section of recently opened files.

How to activate the compact view of Windows 11 for File Explorer.

1. Open Windows File Explorer 11.

2. Once here, you will have to click on the icon in the form of a list: Layout and view options

3. This will display a menu in which you will have to select the option: Compact view

4. Now File Explorer automatically compacts reducing the space between the menu items on the left side and recently opened files.

How to enable compact view of Windows 11 File Explorer (from Folder Options)

1. Access the File Explorer

2. Once here, in the toolbar you will have to click on the three ellipsis icon.

3. In the displayed menu you have to select: Options

4. A window will open in which you will have to go to the tab: VIEW

5. Here you have to mark the option: Reduce the space between elements (compact view)

6. Do not forget to save the new configuration by clicking on the buttons: Apply and OK

7. Now you will see both the items on the left menu and the files in the recent files section of File Explorer.

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