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How to activate dual recording on your Samsung smartphone with S.O. Android

Do you want to record a video with the rear camera and simultaneously with the front? So here we will show you the steps to use dual recording on your Samsung mobile.

The mobile devices of the Samsung "S" line have surprised their millions of users with one of the most innovative tools, which they called "Dual Recording", it consists of filming a video using the two cameras of the Smartphone, the rear and the front (Selfie). This time we will teach you how to enable the aforementioned function from your Android mobile phone.

It is important to clarify that most of Samsung's high-end smartphones have the "Dual Recording" function, to be specific from the "S" line or higher. In addition, if you want to activate it, you will not need to download any additional application from the Galaxy Store, since it is included by default in the main camera of your cell phone.


  • First, access the main camera that comes pre-installed on your Samsung phone.
  • Now, several tabs will appear at the bottom, click on the one that says "More".
  • A new window will open with the different camera options, search and choose "Dual recording".
  • On the screen you will see the rear camera as the main one and the front one in a mini box, it is possible to change the order.

Done, that would be it. This function that Samsung has included in its high-end equipment is very useful for those who make video blogs, documentaries, short films, etc. You can also use it to make video reactions on your YouTube or TikTok channel.

How to know what processor my Android phone has

  • Download the application called “CPU-Z”, it is totally free and you can get it quickly by clicking the following link.
  • Enter and grant all the corresponding permissions so that it can operate.
  • You will see a series of boxes headed by a title in purple.
  • In the main screen of SOC you will be able to see in the first place the processor that your terminal has.
  • But not only this, you can also find features such as RAM, internal memory and even details of the GPU.
  • When you copy what processor you have on your Android cell phone, you simply have to look for it on a specialized website to find out what you can do with it.
  • Remember that the processor does not change, it is stable.

Date update on 2022-04-08. Date published on 2022-04-08. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: depor