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How to activate Forgotten Device Alert

Practically every iPhone user knows that the Apple Search function that allows you to find your device in case of losing it, however, thanks to the new iOS 15 update, now we can also use a new tool that Notify us when you do not have your Apple device with you either iPhone

Separation Alerts are exactly what the name suggests. When we activate the function "Notify when I do not take it with me" for an Apple device, your iPhone will inform you when you forget it anywhere. For example, if we leave the house with our iPhone but we leave our AirPods, we will receive an alert so that we can pick them up again.

The Alerts function when you forget an iPhone, AirPods or iPad is in the default Search app, which makes perfect sense as it is an extension of its functionality. This feature is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices with iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 or later. On the other hand, activating this function can also be used on other devices such as AirTags, as well as with AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

The devices in which you can activate the forgotten Apple device notifications will not have to be added manually since all of them will be recognized automatically if you use the same Apple ID on them or if you have ever linked / connected these devices .

Having said that, below, we will show you how to activate and use the "Notify when I do not take it with me" function of the Search app on your iPhone to notify you when we forget any of our devices

How to activate the "Notify when I don't take it with me" function in the Find app on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Open the Search app on your iPhone or iPad (It is installed by default)

2. Located in the Devices section

3. Here you have to display the list of devices by scrolling the menu up.

4. Select one of the devices already paired or in which you have logged in with the same Apple ID (You can also add a new device using the + icon)

5. This opens a new menu in which you will have to scroll down until you find and click on: Notify when I don't take it with me

6. We will access a new screen in which you will have to activate the switch next to the function: Notify when I do not take it with me

From now on you will receive a notification if you separate from the device "XXXX" This function can be useful when you take it with you.

After having activated the aforementioned function, you will be able to see how the section "Receive Notifications, except in:" is shown just below and if you have a home location configured in iCloud, it will appear in that section automatically / by default. However, you can also add locations manually and below we show you how to do it

How to add trusted locations for separation alerts.

While separation alerts will automatically exclude your home location (assuming it's set) when you create it, this isn't the only place you can exclude from alerts. For example, if you regularly bring your iPad to work, you probably don't need to be reminded every time it is left on your desk.

1. To Add a new exclusion location, on the function activation screen, you will have to click on the option: Add Location

2. Now a map will be shown with the location where you are marked. In addition, a radius of action will be shown that can be increased or reduced by dragging the edge of the circumference.

3. You can also search for any other location that you want to exclude. Once the desired location has been found, you can also increase or reduce the radius of action of said exception.

4. When everything is configured as you wish, you will have to click on: OK

5. You will be shown a new window in which you will have to indicate whether this alert exclusion location should apply to this specific device or to all linked devices

6. Now, the exception location will automatically open added to the function, but you can repeat this action as many times as locations you want to exclude from the separation alarms.

7. If at any time you decide to remove a trusted location, you can remove it from the list by tapping the red icon on the right side of the location.

If you want to receive alerts when you forget a device at home, you should NOT add your home to the list of exception locations or configure your home with the minimum possible radius of action so that when you are more than 100 meters away from your home and you have forgotten one of your devices, you are alerted by the separation notification.

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