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How to activate iCloud Private Relay on your iPhone

We show you how to activate the iCloud private Relay on your iPhone, that function that we have included in the new iCloud + at zero cost.

Today we are going to show you how to activate the iCloud private Relay. A great function that we can activate to have a more private browsing than usual.

Surely by now you are wondering what is that function that Apple has incorporated into that iCloud +. The Private Relay, as Apple tells us, is a function that allows us to browse the Internet in a more private way, and that not even they know which web pages you have been visiting.

So we can say that we have an improved version of what we know as "private browsing" and we are going to show you how to activate it.

How to activate iCloud Private Relay

Well, as we mentioned, this function is available in iCloud +. If you have a contracted iCloud service, you will have received this email informing us that at zero cost, we will be able to enjoy all these "plus" services that Apple offers us.

One of these services that it offers us, is this that we are commenting on right now. To be able to activate it, it is very simple, we just have to go to the iCloud section that we have in the iPhone settings. When we enter this section, we will see that several tabs appear ... among which is the one we are telling you about ...

We enter that tab and we just have to activate the tab. When we do, our browsing, as we are told, becomes much more private and no one will be able to track the web pages we visit. In this way, they will not be able to know our location, for example. In addition, Apple makes it clear to us that not even they can obtain that information.

Right now this feature is in beta and is still being tested, so it may not work well at all.

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