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How to always open programs as Administrator in Windows 11

Windows 11, like previous versions of the Microsoft operating system, allows you to create user accounts with different levels of use and access.

In this way, an administrator user allows to run programs as Administrator, giving him access to certain routes or sensitive and powerful tools. In fact, some programs require to be run as an administrator in order to function and be used in Windows 11.

Users with administrator rights in Windows 11 count, of course, to run programs as administrator. To do this, simply select the option Open as Administrator from the contextual menu when we right-click on the shortcut of said program.

This is not always to the liking of users, especially those focused on productivity who seek automatic most of the actions. Many of these users wonder if it is possible to force a program to run or open as Administrator simply by double-left clicking on the shortcut.

This is generally something automatic in programs that require administrative access in Windows 11. That is, the programs that have to have Administrator access to function correctly, during their installation configure the shortcut and the program so that they are always open or run as administrator. However, for some reason, some programs fail to configure this option during their own installation in the operating system.

In addition, if a program that must be opened as Administrator for it to function and open it without such permissions, it may report an error of the type: The server has returned a reference.

If you are tired of a program not opening as administrator and you want to force the program to always open as administrator automatically in Windows 11, in this tutorial we will show you how to do it:

Windows 11: force always open programs as Administrator

1. Use Windows 11 search to find the program you want to force open as Administrator.

2. When the program appears among the search results, you will have to right click on it and select the option: Open file location.

3. Once the program folder opens, you will see the executable file (.exe) of the program on which you will have to right-click the mouse.

4. In the contextual menu you have to select the option: Properties

5. A small window will open in which you have to go to the tab: Compatibility

6. Once here, click on the button: Change settings for all users.

7. This will open a second window in which you have to check the option box: Run this program as administrator.

8. After checking the box, you have to save the new configuration by clicking on: Apply and OK.

9. After saving these changes, you must click the accept button in the previous window again for the new setting to take effect.

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