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How to change Spotify cache location

The Spotify cache contains a large amount of data about the user and their playback preferences

From saving songs offline to individual preferences, they are managed / controlled by the cache, which allows optimal operation of the Spotify service.

Therefore, in this tutorial we show you in detail how to change the location of the Spotify cache, both in the mobile app and in the desktop program in order to free up storage space on the main disk.

How to move Spotify cache on desktop

1. Open the Spotify program

2. Click on your username and select: Settings

3. Once inside settings scroll down to select: Show advanced settings.

4. This will show more options from which you will have to locate Offiline Stroage Location and select: Change Location.

5. This will open a new window in which you can select the new folder you want to use, in this case we want to free up space on the main hard drive so we will choose a folder from a different unit.

6. To confirm the changes, you will have to click on the button: Restart App

How to change Spotify cache for Android

1. Open the Spotify app

2. Once inside the app you have to select Settings (gear icon)

3. When you are in Settings you will have to scroll down to locate and select the option: Storage

4. Now a new screen will be displayed in which you can select the external hard drive, which in this case is the external SD.

5. Finally, a window will appear in which you have to confirm the changes by clicking on the green button: OK

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