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How to change the color of a Telegram chat and customize it

We show you the way to change the color of a Telegram chat and thus customize it in the way that we like the most.

Today we are going to teach you how to change the color of a Telegram chat. Ideal to personalize all the conversations we have and give it the touch we want.

That Telegram is one of the best messaging applications that we have right now, no one doubts it anymore. And it is always offering us more and more functions that we all ask for and that also implement them perfectly. This makes it stand out above the rest ... even from the WhatsApp app itself.

In this case, we are going to show you the way we have to personalize a chat and give that conversation a touch more of ours.

How to change the color of a Telegram chat

The truth is that the process is really simple, like everything this app does. To begin, we must go to the chat in which we want to change the color.

Once we are here, we go to the information of the chat in question. Inside, we will see several options, but we must click on the tab with the three points that we see at the top ...

When doing so, a menu will be displayed in which we have more options. In this case, the first tab we see is "Change colors". It will be here where we can configure and customize this chat that we have selected.

In this simple way we can give a more personal touch to our message chat. It is not necessary to change everything, since we can change only one chat.

As we always tell you, you have to give Telegram a chance, since it has very good options that make it one of the best.

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