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How to disable automatic background updates in Firefox

This new feature is enabled by default in Mozilla Firefox so if you don't want to use it, you will have to disable it manually.

It should be noted that when automatic background updates are enabled, the Mozilla Firefox browser will perform a check for updates every 7 hours even if the browser is not open at the time.

The Mozilla team is rolling out this new feature in phases, so some Firefox users may have already received the new functionality, while others are still waiting for it. This explains why some users who do not have the function available find the Firefox.exe process running when the browser is closed in the task manager.

Although it is a nice feature and will help users to always use the latest updated version of Firefox, many others may not like the new feature. Since the new feature is automatic and does not ask for user permission, many consider it an intrusion into their privacy and will.

Fortunately, there are ways to remove this functionality and prevent or restrict Firefox from automatically checking for new updates in the background when you are not using the browser. In this tutorial we show you in detail how to disable automatic updates of Mozilla Firefox in the background:

How to disable automatic background updates for Mozilla Firefox without your permission.

1. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser

2. Pull down the menu and select the option: Settings

3. A new window opens in which you have to go to the tab: General

4. Now in the main part of the screen you have to scroll down until you find the section: Firefox Updates

5. Under it you will find marked: Install updates automatically (recommended), but now just below it you will also see a new one that you must uncheck.

6. Uncheck the sub-option: When Firefox is not running

7. Done, now you can close the web browser being sure that it will not look for or install updates without your consent

How to disable automatic background updates for Mozilla Firefox without your permission.

1. Open the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

2. Enter the following term in the URL bar: about: config

3. After pressing the Enter key, you will receive a warning message that you will have to Accept.

4. Once inside the configuration, search for the following term: app.update.background.scheduling.enabled

5. This will show the Adjustment we are interested in among the results.

6. Double click on the setting to set it to: False

7. This means that the background update feature without consent is disabled.

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