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How to disable automatic captions on Instagram

Automatic subtitles is a function or tool that is being incorporated into numerous platforms and social networks, such as Instagram IGTV.

This automatic subtitles function will basically make everything that is said or reproduced in the video that is viewed on Instagram IGTV displayed in text. This is really useful in case you are watching an IGTV video with the audio / sound turned off. However, Instagram users will be able to disable auto-generated captions on IGTV videos.

The auto-generated subtitles function in Instagram videos is activated by default and it is really useful since, sometimes, we do not understand well the words reproduced in the video and now we can understand it better thanks to the automatic transcription of the video. The usefulness of this function is not in doubt, however, it is not perfect since sometimes the transcription can show some erroneous text, but in general the transcripts are usually very accurate.

But this is not the main problem; Many Instagram users upload videos to their Instagram (IGTV) profiles with the captions already built in. These subtitles / transcription that the user incorporates manually in their videos is generally the most correct and precise or at least more precise than the auto-generated subtitles by Instagram. Regardless of the precision, the problem is that the position of the subtitles can overlap.

Auto-generated captions on Instagram are placed at the bottom of the video which is therefore displayed at the bottom of the screen. If the user who uploads the video incorporates subtitles at the bottom of their videos and has the auto-generation of subtitles activated, both subtitles will be shown superimposed when these videos are played, making them much more difficult to read. This is the main argument for disabling auto-generated subtitles on Instagram (IGTV).

However, even if the user manually places the subtitles in another position such as at the top of the video, no one likes to see duplicate subtitles as it can distract the viewer from the actual content of the video.

Be that as it may, fortunately Instagram allows you to disable auto-generated subtitles. This will affect all videos, meaning that Instagram will not show automatic captions on any of the videos, whether or not they contain default program captions.

Therefore, in this tutorial we show you step by step how to deactivate the automatic transcription of Instagram IGTV videos in the iPhone or Android app

How to disable auto-generation of Instagram captions (IGTV)

1. Open the Instagram app on Android or iPhone.

2. Go to your Instagram profile.

3. Here, click on the icon with three horizontal stripes.

4. This will bring up a menu with several options from which you will have to select: Configuration

5. Once inside the Settings you will have to select the option: Account

6. The new list of settings will be shown where you have to click on: Subtitles

7. This will bring up Instagram's auto-generated captions feature that you can disable using the switch next to it.

8. Once you have disabled the switch, auto-generated captions will never be displayed on Instagram videos again.

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