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How to disable Google notifications on iPhone or Android

If you have an iPhone or Android phone on which you have the Google app installed, you will have noticed how from time to time you will receive certain notifications about websites that you may want to access

These notifications are related to the configuration of the Google app, specifically with the Notifications of: News Related to your Interests.

I recently updated the Google app on my iPhone and suddenly I started receiving notifications that I really don't want to receive. The Google app sends notifications to your iPhone with suggestions for Web pages (posts) based on your interests, so generally the user can be really interested and make use of these notifications to read the suggested post.

However, personally, these notifications are very annoying to me since, if I want to read something, it is I myself who opens the Web browser to access the websites in which I am interested. For me, notifications based on my interests are still a kind of ads based on my tastes and browsing, which can be considered a breach in my privacy.

Fortunately, the Google app for iPhone allows the deactivation of these notifications based on our interests in addition to being able to deactivate them directly from the iOS or Android operating system. However, it should be noted that, if we only deactivate the notifications of the apps in the operating system of your device, we will not solve the privacy problem. That is, Google will still collect information about your tastes and navigation.

With that said, here's how to disable notifications based on your interests from the Google app on iPhone or Android:

How to disable website notifications from the Google app on iPhone or Android

1. Open the Google app.

2. Line followed by clicking on the profile photo.

3. From the small superimposed window, you will have to select the option: Settings

4. On the next screen you will have to go to: Notifications

5. Here you will see a list of notifications that you can disable or enable. Specifically, you must deactivate to not receive notifications based on your activity, you will have to deactivate the switch of the option: News related to your interests.

7. In order not to receive any notification, we advise you to deactivate all the switches on this screen.

Once this is done, we also recommend disabling notifications from the Google app in the operating system of your iPhone or Android phone:

How to completely disable Google notifications on your iPhone or Android

1. Open the Settings of your Android phone or iPhone

  • Android: Access the Application Manager. Here select the app: Google
  • iPhone: Scroll down until you find the Google app

2. Once here you will have to click on the Notifications section.

3. The next screen will be where you can completely disable Notifications on your iPhone or Android.

Important Note: It should be noted that users who only deactivate Google notifications in the general settings of the iPhone or Android, will not prevent Google from continuing to collect data on your browsing or interests

Date update on 2021-10-19. Date published on 2021-10-19. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: downloadsource