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How to disable or enable Wifi Ethernet network adapters

Windows 11 is coming to stay, considerably facilitating a large number of actions and tasks such as the activation or deactivation of network adapters, whether WiFi or Ethernet.

This, for example, will completely prevent your computer from connecting to the internet via Wifi or Ethernet cable.

Today's computers generally have a wireless Wifi adapter and another Ethernet adapter that allows connection to the internet via cable. Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 11, allow us to control these adapters, for example being able to activate or deactivate them depending on the user's needs.

The activation or deactivation of the network adapters allows us to completely enable or disable the option of connecting to the internet through Wifi and / or Ethernet. In other words, if, for example, we deactivate the Wifi wireless network adapter, our Windows 11 computer will not be able to search or find Wifi networks basically because the small hardware responsible for it is deactivated.

These settings on your computer's network adapters are available from previous versions of Windows. However, with the new version of Microsoft's operating system, Windows 11, the settings shown in Settings have changed places and after updating to this version we may not know where the settings for enabling or disabling the network adapters are located ( Wireless and Ethernet)

That said, in this tutorial we show you 2 ways with which you can activate or deactivate both wireless (Wifi) or Ethernet network adapters in Windows 11:

How to enable or disable the WiFi or Ethernet adapter from Windows 11 settings.

1. Use the keyboard shortcut: Windows key + I

2. This opens the Windows 11 Settings app

3. Once here you will have to go to: Red e Internet (Network & Internet)

4. When you are in this section, scroll the main part of the window down until you find and select the option: Advanced network settings.

5. This will take you to a new window where you will see the section: Network adapters

6. Under this section you will find the Wi-Fi and Ethernet adapter. Along with each of them adapters you can Disable or Enable each of them independently by just clicking on the corresponding button.

How to enable or disable the WiFi or Ethernet adapter from the Windows Control Panel 11.

1. Open the Run tool using the shortcut: Windows key + R

2. In the tool window you have to enter the following:


3. After pressing Enter, the Control Panel will open in the specific section of network adapters.

4. Here you will see all the network adapters available on your Windows 11 computer.

5. Right click on the adapter you want to deactivate and in the context menu click on the option: Deactivate

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