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How to disable the touch mouse on your laptop with Windows 11

The panel or touch mouse of a laptop with Windows 11 basically allows us to interact identically with the operating system as we would with an external mouse

The only drawback that we may find with the touch panel is that we can mistakenly press it when typing on the integrated keyboard of your laptop, which is why many users wonder how to disable the touch panel of their laptop with Windows 11.

The touch mouse integrated by default in notebook computers is located in the bottom center of the notebook, just below the integrated keyboard. This proximity is what makes it possible for us, by mistake, to press or move the mouse using the touch panel with the palm of our hand.

This, together with the fact that an external mouse can also be used on any laptop, many users prefer to disable the integrated touch panel so that it does not interfere with their actions and control and use the cursor using an external mouse in Windows 11.

Fortunately Windows 11 allows you to completely disable the touch mouse integrated in your laptop so that it does not interfere with our writing. In addition, the best thing is that this configuration is totally reversible, that is, we can activate this function at any time even if we do not have an external mouse since Windows 11 also allows us to control the mouse cursor using the keyboard number of our computer.

That said, below, we show you step by step how to activate or deactivate the touch panel of your laptop with Windows 11:

How to disable the touch mouse on your laptop with Windows 11

1. Right click on the start button.

2. A menu will be displayed in which you have to select the option: Configuration

3. When the configuration opens you have to go to: Bluetooth and devices> Touch panel

4. At the top of this screen you will find the switch next to: Touch Panel

After turning off the switch, the control panel will stop working automatically

How to lock the touchpad in Windows 11

There is no way to quickly and temporarily lock your touchpad in Windows 11 unless your laptop has a dedicated button / key / switch for this function. If your laptop has it, you can disable and enable the touch mouse instantly without having to go to the operating system settings.

If you do not have a physical switch and you want to deactivate the touch panel, you will not be able to use the mouse cursor to reactivate it unless you have an external mouse or have activated the function of using the cursor using the keys on your keyboard in Windows 11 .

However, if the issue is related to clicks being made by mistake on your laptop's touchpad when typing on the keyboard, you can still disable touchpad clicks. If you want to know how to do this, we recommend reading the following post: How to disable pressing on the touch panel to click in Windows 11.

This configuration will allow you that when the hands with which you are typing press on the touch panel it is interpreted as a mouse click

How to enable the touch mouse of your laptop with Windows 11.

1. Repeat all the steps shown at the beginning of the tutorial: Settings> Bluetooth and devices> Touch panel

2. Here you just have to activate the Touch Panel using the switch next to it.

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