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How to disable Windows Hello in Windows 11

Microsoft incorporates in Windows 11 the possibility of logging into your user account using the Windows Hello function. Windows Hello was first released on Windows 10 and is nothing more than an alternative and more secure sign-in option.

With Windows Hello we can configure different ways of logging in, such as the use of a PIN both in the operating system and in different installed Microsoft applications such as the Microsoft Store.

The truth is that using Windows Hello allows us to log in safely and much faster in Windows 11 or any Microsoft app, such as when we open Outlook. But of course, like everything in life, not all users are happy with this option and prefer to disable it.

However, from time to time, users who decide to turn off Windows Hello, Microsoft will still keep showing them the window asking you to enable the PIN or Fingerprint sign-in feature.

During the installation of Windows 11, you will be asked to activate the Windows Hello login, in order to improve security and ease of access. However, it may be that once Windows 11 is installed you can deactivate it from the settings. However, even after disabling the option, we may still receive the Windows Hello usage message.

Therefore, if you want to completely disable Windows Hello from Windows 11 and stop receiving the invitation to activate it, then we will show you how to do it:

How to disable Windows Hello from Windows 11 settings.

1. Open Windows 11 settings using the shortcut: Windows key + I

2. When the Settings app opens, you should go to: Accounts> Login options

3. Once here you will have to scroll down until you find the section: Additional settings (Additional settings)

4. Under this section you will find the option that you must disable: To improve security, only allow Windows Hello login for Microsoft accounts on this device (recommended)

Nota Importante: Cabe destacar que esta obligatorio desactivar esta función antes de desactivar por ejemplo el PIN (Windows Hello). Si no lo haces en este orden será imposible desactivar el PIN ya que el botón Quitar se mostrará grisáceo impidiendo hacer clic en él.

5. Line followed you will have to go up the screen until you find and click on: PIN (Windows Hello)

6. This will bring up various options. Among all of them, you must click on the button: Remove

7. Now a window will open in which you will have to confirm the deactivation by entering the password of your user account.

8. This deactivation must be carried out for the other Windows Hello login opinions that you have activated and which may be: Facial Recognition (Windows Hello) and Fingerprint (Windows Hello)

In principle, from now on, Windows Hello will be completely deactivated, however, you may still receive the invitation to use Windows Hello: Use Windows Hello with your Microsoft account. In this case, you must carry out either of the two methods that we show you below.

How to disable Windows Hello in Windows 11 from Local Group Policy

1.Open Local Group Policy Editor in Windows 11 or 10

2. Once here go to:

Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> System> Login

3. Here you will have to locate and click on the option: Activate login with convenient PIN.

4. This will open a window in which you will have to check: Disable

5. Finally, to save the changes you must click the OK button.

How to disable Windows Hello in Windows 11 from the registry editor.

1.Open the Windows 11 or 10 Registry Editor

2. Once here go to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ PolicyManager \ default \ Setting

3. Here you have to double click on the Setting key to expand it and select the AllowSignInOptions subkey

4. Now in the right part of the window you will have to double click on the element: Value

5. As we have Windows Hello activated, you will see that the Value Information field shows the number 1. To deactivate the option we will have to enter the number: 0

6. Finally, save the new configuration by clicking on the button: OK

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