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How to do voice and video dubbing using the MadLipz App

As time goes by, companies that create new applications surprise us more and more with the heap of apps they launch almost daily

Some are about social networks, others are entertaining games for all the public, but the most used are those of photos, music and videos.

Filters for photos, music downloads and video editing are the most used functions lately, although many of the users of applications and programs for this purpose are always looking for better editing options. In the case of video editing, there is the MadLipz application, an app whose function is to edit videos.

With regard to Android and Iphone, almost all the applications are compatible with both operating systems, and before you venture to use MadLipz it is best to download and install it immediately on your mobile device to be able to start editing your videos and creating dubbing voice.

What is MadLipz?

MadLipz is an entertainment application developed by Eigenuity Inc., available for Android and Iphone, so that its users can create their own memes and add all kinds of sound content to the videos, which can even be parodies of small fragments of series or movies that you can share in the same application, where millions of people also publish their content, and even upload it to your social networks to entertain your family and acquaintances.

Just by selecting a video to edit, you can change voices and laugh out loud with your friends in the process. An application that has more than one delighted person given the multiple parodies that can be found to laugh and hang out, or to record video scenes that are in other languages and you want many other people to find it in Spanish.

Although another option is to see what the other users of the app upload. This can help you a lot if you are one of those people who are very ashamed to start in the world of voice dubbing, but little by little you will pick up the pace and you can start creating your own content.

How do you do voice and video dubbing with MadLipz?

MadLipz is not only an app to create and edit videos, but it is also functional to voice dubbing your favorite series or animations.

But before you start using it, you must register and create a profile, this will be easy if you use any of the options that it shows you such as Facebook or Google for registration, since from there they can access your basic data. Once your account is ready you can start using its functions.

When you open the application you will find a large amount of content uploaded by many people who also use the application, if any of them are to your liking you can click on the "Follow" option so as not to miss their content, at the same time you too You can upload dubbing with ease, you just have to follow the following:

Select the button with the "+" sign to then choose a video you want to dub. These are organized by subject, so the search should be easy. Once you have chosen the video you can continue.

The app will show you the video you want to dub and at the bottom you will find the button to record and some small icons, which represent the characters in the video, which serves to silence their voices and your power to record.

Note: You can record only one of the voices in the video or all of them, it is up to you. Record what you want, you have up to three audio tracks to do the same dubbing, which helps a lot when there is more than one voice in the video.

At first it will be somewhat complicated to make what you have recorded is well synchronized with the video, if in any case it does not get to be the application will let you edit it, you just have to have some patience and a lot of practice.

Once you have it ready you can share it on MadLipz so that many other people can see it and at the same time you can share it on your other social networks.

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