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How to enable and configure Windows 11 dark mode

We are going to explain how to activate and configure the dark mode in Windows 11 , so that you can make all the tones of the interface black or dark

You will be able to configure so that everything is seen in dark tones, but there are also options for applications to use a default theme, regardless of which one you use at the operating system level.

All this can be done from the customization options. Actually, it is something quite simple to do, similar to the process that was in Windows 10 . But in case you are not sure, we will explain everything step by step.

Activate and configure the dark theme in Windows 11

The first thing you have to do is enter the operating system configuration. Once inside the settings, go to the Personalization section in the left column , where first of all you will have several predefined themes to choose from. However, at the moment this is not what we are going to use.

These themes can help you, since there are some that are already dark themes with predetermined backgrounds that will look good. But then you can also customize it. To do so, under these topics you have to click on the Colors section , which will appear with the icon of a color palette. Simply click on it to access its options.

Once inside the options in the Colors section , you have to display the option Choose your mode and choose the Dark mode . When you do, you will see that Windows 11 dark mode is activated. If you prefer, you can also choose the Custom option . If you do this, you can configure the theme of the operating system and that of the applications separately, in case one you want to keep it light and the other dark by default, or vice versa.

Once this is configured, you can also configure the accent color , which for example determines the colored lines that appear when an application is selected, or that of the notification indicators. It is also advisable to activate transparencies, as they make everything look more beautiful.

If you have transparencies activated, it is possible that the taskbar has not been very dark. This is due to the wallpaper. Therefore, go back to the Personalization section and enter the Background section . Here, you can choose a wallpaper between the default ones by Windows or the ones you have saved by exploring your folders. A dark wallpaper is recommended so that items with transparency also appear dark.

If you change the wallpaper, remember that in each virtual desktop you have you can use a different background , so if you usually use several desktops, you can explore using a different background on each one

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