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How to enable or disable autocorrect in Windows 11

Misspelled word auto-correction is a useful feature of Windows 11, especially in the event that you often make spelling mistakes.

However, this function can also be useful to avoid confusion since even if you do not usually have spelling mistakes, from time to time you can make mistakes or press a key by carelessness.

This function is even more useful in case you have activated and you are using the touch / virtual keyboard in Windows 11 since the corrected or suggested words will be displayed at the top of it, just above the number keys.

That said, below, we show you step by step how to activate or deactivate the auto-correction function for misspelled words in Windows 11:

How to turn on or off auto-correction for misspelled words in Windows 11

1. Open Windows 11 Configuration by right clicking on the start button and in the menu select the option: Configuration

2. In the left menu of this screen you will have to select: Time and language

3. Line followed in the main part of the screen you will have to go to: Writing

4. In this last configuration screen you will find the option: Automatically correct misspelled words.

5. Next to this option you will have to activate or deactivate the corresponding switch depending on your needs

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