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How to fix VPN connection refused problem

In recent times the use of VPN services has become very popular. They are present on both computers and mobiles.

In addition, they can be very useful to encrypt the connection, improve privacy and also to be able to avoid geo-blocking. However problems can arise. In this article we are going to talk about the VPN rejected error. We are going to explain what it consists of and what we can do to avoid it and browse the Internet normally.

VPN rejected error

This is one of the errors that can appear when we try to surf the net connected through a VPN. It will prevent us from navigating normally. This logically could affect our day to day, since we could need this service to be able to access certain content in another country and that may be geographically restricted or simply want to navigate on a public Wi-Fi without fearing that they can access our data.

Usually the problems with VPNs are not partial. That is, there are usually no problems that make it work badly or that we cannot enter certain programs, for example. It is common that when some type of failure appears directly, it does not allow us to surf the net. This is something that could be frustrating and requires you to correct it as soon as possible.

One of the most important problems is that a message appears indicating that the VPN has been rejected. It is also one of the most common and basically means that the client we are trying to access does not support the connection. We try to connect and see that it is impossible.

However, keep in mind that there is no single cause that causes the VPN to be rejected. It is not due to a specific failure that we can solve and that's it. This can be motivated by different errors.

Why am I getting the VPN refused error?

As we mentioned, this can happen for different reasons. Most of them we will be able to solve easily, although it could also happen that it is a server failure, of the VPN service that we are using. We are going to show which are the main ones.

We are using an outdated VPN

One of the main reasons for the VPN rejected message, as well as other similar errors, is that we are using an outdated program. This could generate very common errors, as well as putting our security at risk.

For this reason, we always recommend using the latest versions of any program that we are using, in addition to installing the corresponding patches. Only then can we solve certain problems that appear and prevent hackers from using them to achieve their goals.

The VPN protocol is not correct

There are different VPN protocols that we can use. Not all programs use the same one, and even within the same application we can choose different ones. It may be a problem with the protocol and hence it does not accept our connection.

What we can do in this case is try another protocol whenever possible. Of course, you have to take security into account and know how to choose correctly which one we are going to use. We could be compromising privacy if we don't use the right one.

The server we are accessing is overloaded

It should also be borne in mind that most VPN services have a wide range of possibilities to connect to multiple servers. Many of them may even be available in certain geographic territories, something that will allow us to access certain programs that may be restricted.

If we see that an error appears indicating that the VPN has been rejected, we can always try to connect to any other server. This could solve certain errors of this type that may appear at any given time and prevent us from navigating correctly.

Login problems

Perhaps the cause of the VPN connection being rejected is a problem with the login. We may not have logged into the program or we may not have logged in correctly. Therefore, we should verify that, in case the program needs us to log in, we have done it correctly.

Problems of this type are very common when using programs connected to the network. On many occasions, such a failure, a simple error when logging in, can prevent us from navigating the web correctly.

There is a firewall interfering with the connection

Security programs, such as antivirus or firewall, are necessary to avoid problems. They will prevent the entry of intruders into our computers that may affect us in a negative way. We also have a wide range of possibilities. However, it must be taken into account that they could also generate problems, especially if they are badly configured, out of date or we have chosen a bad program.

Therefore, another reason why the VPN could be rejected is because there is a firewall that is interfering with the connection. We should check the settings, see if it is somehow blocking that program. You also have to watch the antivirus, although it mainly happens with the firewall.

Security issues

It is a fact that there are many varieties of malicious software. There are many attacks on the network that can affect us in one way or another. This means that we must always be protected, have security tools and patch any vulnerabilities that may exist.

Any security flaw could also affect programs like VPNs. It could prevent us from connecting normally and have problems entering web pages or using any online service.

The program or website is incompatible with the VPN

One more reason is that we are trying to access a certain program or website that is incompatible with VPN connections. It detects that we are accessing through this type of service and blocks the connection. This means that we must also observe the type of program that we are trying to open.

Therefore, these are some of the reasons why the problem that the VPN connection is rejected may appear. We have mentioned the main ones and some details about what we can do to try to solve it and avoid problems of this type

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