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How to go from Windows 11 Insider Preview to Stable Version

Many users who upgraded to Windows 11 Insider Preview are now wondering how to upgrade to the stable version of Windows 11

Each version of the Windows Insider program is intended to offer developers and users the opportunity to gain early access to upcoming Windows operating system features and enhancements. But these versions are unfinished and may contain bugs or incomplete features that can affect the user experience. This is the reason why many users who installed the Windows 11 version after Microsoft released the stable version of the OS, want to switch to it and leave the Beta.

A lot of Windows users believe that there is no easy way out of the Insider program once the new stable builds start rolling out, however this is not true. If you no longer want to receive Insider Preview versions of Windows 11, you can safely exit.

Fortunately, Microsoft offers the possibility to change from the Insider Preview version to the stable version of Windows 11. To cancel the registration of your device / computer from the Windows Insider program, you will have to exit the program and configure your PC to receive stable builds of Windows 11 only through the Windows Update settings section.

Therefore, if you have Windows 11 Preview from the Insider program, in this tutorial we will show you how to go from the trial version to the Stable version of Windows 11 while keeping your files, apps or programs:

How to convert Windows 11 Insider Preview or Beta to the official stable version, without losing your apps or programs files.

1. Open the settings using: Windows key 11 + I

2. Once inside the Settings, you will have to select the option: Windows Update

3. At the bottom of the main part of the window you will find the option you have to select: Windows Insider Program.

4. You will be sent to a new screen where you will find the option: Stop getting preliminary versions

5. After clicking on this option, 2 possible settings will be displayed to select from:

  • Unregister this device when the next version of Windows is released - Available for Beta and Release Preview channels. The beta channel is suitable for first-time users. Feedback from them helps developers create more reliable Microsoft-validated updates. On the other hand, the Version Preview channel is suitable for users who want version stability and validation. It has certain advanced quality updates and key enhancements. If you no longer want to receive preview builds and install the stable version of Windows 11, flip the switch.
  • Unregister this device immediately: This is a link that will take you to a web page showing how to reinstall Windows 11 stable from 0. In this case, all your previous data will be erased, so remember to make a copy of security.

6. In this case, we recommend that you activate the switch of the first option so that in the next update you exit the Insider program and install the stable version of Windows 11.

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