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How to install and uninstall multiple apps on Android at the same time

The task of installing and uninstalling applications on our Android devices can take a considerable time, especially due to the number of windows that we must access when we want to perform both an installation and an uninstallation.

Obviously the time spent in these operations will depend on the number of applications that we want to uninstall or install. So this task is certainly arduous when we want to clean our Android device and we are forced to make a backup copy of all our apps and then have to install them again.

Without a doubt, removing apps is a very simple process on an Android phone, however when we want to delete several apps, the process becomes repetitive that can consume a lot of time. It tends to be really irritating in cases where we quickly need storage on our Android device and the only way to get rid of the apps is to delete the apps one by one.

Until now, the only way to delete several apps at the same time on Android was by making use of specific third-party apps that, with the permissions we granted, allowed us to delete several apps at once. Fortunately, Android already incorporates the possibility of deleting several apps at once by default, so we will not need to use third-party tools.

On the other hand, thanks to application developers and the Android community in general, we can find a large number of third-party applications that will allow us to install and uninstall applications jointly. Third-party applications with the ability to install or remove several apps at the same time and that we will use in this tutorial are: Mass APK Installer Tool and Uninstall Master Uninstaller.

This application improves the ADB upload option to place the APK files on your Android device. It also considerably improves the commands required for the installation of applications. In short, this tool will improve the installation of APK applications from your computer through the USB cable; in this way, the end result is a multiple installation or uninstallation of apps, in an easier and faster way.

With that said, here are several methods on how to delete multiple apps at the same time on an Android phone:

How to delete multiple apps from an Android phone at the same time.

1. Open the Google Play app on your Android phone

2. Here you will have to click on the icon or user photo (upper right corner)

3. When the corresponding menu is displayed, select the option: Manage apps and devices.

4. In the next window you will have to locate the storage section of your device and click on: Free up space.

5. This will take you to a new window that shows a list of all the apps installed on your Android phone through the official Google Play Apps store.

6. Check the box next to the apps you want to uninstall from your Android phone.

7. When all the apps are selected, you only have to click on the trash icon.

8. A confirmation message will be displayed in which you will have to press to confirm the deletion of the selected apps

And that's it, now the selected apps will be uninstalled all at once and will free up the space they used to occupy.

Important Note: With this method, all users can uninstall at the same time, only apps from the official Android app store. Apps installed via APK that do not belong to the store cannot be removed.

Very well if you want to know how to install multiple applications on your Android device thanks to Mass APK Installer Tool, follow these steps:

- The first and most obvious of all, will be to download the Mass APK Installer Tool program. Once the download is finished, you will have to extract all the content of the file and place it in any folder or desktop.

- Once the extraction is done, we can see a folder called "apk", in which we must enter all the APK files corresponding to the applications we want to install.

- Before proceeding with the installation of the applications, we must make sure that our device is configured correctly so that it allows the installation of applications that come from Google Play. To make sure that this is the case, we must enter the Android device settings and then select the Security option. This is where we must mark the option mentioned above.

- Another of the configurations that we must make on our Android device will be the activation of USB debugging. To access it you must access the device settings, then the Developer Options and once here enable the option mentioned above.

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