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How to know the changes of a place or building in Google Maps

Google Maps offers its users the Street View function for free, which allows you to see places first hand as if you were present on that site right now

This realistic view of the places you are interested in will allow you to really know what these places look like and avoid surprises if you finally decide to go visit. But this is not all, since now Google has just incorporated a new function that allows users to know how certain places have changed over time.

Google constantly updates Street View images on Google Maps. This is why the Google car in charge of taking the 360º photos that will later be displayed on Street View is constantly working and passing through the streets. In this way, Google can offer users up-to-date and real images of the sites.

This, in turn, causes Google to have multiple snapshots of the same places from different years which can show the evolution and changes of certain places over time.

Sometimes Google Maps took photos of places that were under construction, which made it impossible to really appreciate the state or appearance of the place or building in Street View. For example, the Palace of Santelmo in Seville in 2008 was in the process of reform. These renovations have already finished and that is why now the building does not look the same as it did back then.

Since 2008 Google Maps has been taking new snapshots of the Palace over the years and showing the most recent in Street View. However, now Google Maps in its Street View function allows you to view all the snapshots taken over the years that allows you to know the evolution of this place. But not only of the place or building in particular but also of its surroundings as well as knowing how a specific place looks at different times of the year or even with different atmospheric conditions.

That said, below, we show you step by step how to see a specific place in different years through Street View of Google Maps:

See how the buildings or place looked in previous years using Google Maps (Street View)

1. Open your computer's web browser and access Google Maps

2. Once here, locate the place in which you are interested and access the view: Street View

3. In the Street View you will have to observe if in the upper left corner, where you can see the address of the place, in the lower part of this box there is an icon in the shape of a clock.

4. If that clock icon is displayed, you will need to click on it.

5. Now a menu will be displayed in which a timeline will be displayed showing the months of the years for which Google Maps has snapshots of the place.

6. Select the month and year in which you are interested to get a view of the place in that specific year.

7. This will preview the location in that year ago, but you can see it in full screen if you click on the magnifying glass icon.

8. Automatically the image of that past year of the place you are viewing will be displayed on the main / full screen of the browser.

9. At any time you can return to the most recent view of the place or even select any other year.

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