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How to move games from the Windows Store from one PC to another

If you want to copy a game that you downloaded from the Windows Store from one PC to another, you will have to download the game again. It will take time and bandwidth

Simply copying files between PCs doesn't seem to work as games cannot be installed like this and will not run. However, there is a fairly simple solution to this that allows you to copy games from the Windows Store between two PCs. This is what you should do.

We should mention here that this post is not intended to encourage game piracy. It cannot and should not be used to obtain illegal copies of a game.

Access the PC where you have a game installed from the Windows Store. The game resides in its own dedicated folder located at "C: WindowsApps Program Files". This is a hidden folder. You will need to enable the display of hidden files and you must have administrative rights to access the contents of this folder. This is the only difficult part of the process.

Find the folder where the game files reside. It should look something like this; C: Program Files WindowsApps NameOfTheGame

Copy the folder to the PC you want to move the game to. Copy it to your desktop or to a drive other than the operating system drive.

Next, open the Windows Store and search for the game. Click the download button and allow the download to begin. Pause shortly after the Windows Store app starts and closes.

Go to "C: WindowsApps Program Files" where the Windows Store application will have created a dedicated folder for the application. Delete it. Copy the folder you brought from your other PC to "C: WindowsApps Program Files".

Open the Windows Store app again and resume the download. The game will begin to install. To make sure it is installing, check the Task Manager. It should indicate high usage, even 100% disk usage during installation.

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