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How to post anonymously in Facebook Groups

We show you step by step how to make anonymous publications in a Facebook group from the Web version for PC and the mobile app for iPhone or Android

1. Access your Facebook account from your computer's web browser.

2. Select the Facebook group in which you want to publish anonymously which must have the function activated.

3. Go to the Conversation tab.

4. Just below you will find the publication editing box which now has the option: Anonymous publication.

5. If it is the first time that you make an anonymous publication, a window will be displayed with all its characteristics in which you will have to click on the button: Create Anonymous Publication.

6. The publication editor will automatically be shown in which you must edit the content that you want to publish in the Facebook group.

7. When everything is according to your taste, you just have to click on the button: Send

8. Now the post will be sent to the group administrators and moderators for approval.

9. Once the publication is approved it will appear in the conversation tab of the Facebook group and you will be notified of the publication.

How to anonymously post to a Facebook group from the Android or iPhone app.

1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile.

2. Go to the group in which you want to publish anonymously and which has the option activated.

3. Here you will see how the option is shown in the publication editor: Anonymous Publication

4. After clicking on said option, a window will be displayed indicating the details of the anonymous publications (if it is the first time you use the function)

5. Once you click on Create Anonymous Publication, you will have to proceed to the creation of the content you want to publish.

6. When the publication is ready, you just have to click on: Send.

7. Now the publication will be waiting to be approved by the administrators or moderators of the group.

8. As soon as the post is approved, it will appear on the group's Timeline and you will be notified.

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