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How to put the Safari search engine at the top

We show you the way to put the Safari search engine at the top again and thus prevent it from continuing to appear at the bottom.

Today we are going to show you how to put the Safari search engine at the top. Ideal to return to have everything as it was before the update of iOS 15.

With the arrival of iOS 15, Safari has undergone a change that many may not have liked, but the truth is that the app has completely improved. Of course, there are visual aspects that you have to get used to and that, if not, we can modify and leave everything as it was.

This is the case of the browser's own browser, which we can change places and put it at the top or at the bottom, as we like best.

How to put the Safari search engine at the top

The process is very simple, but it is true that this option is somewhat hidden. To do this, we must go to the device settings and look for the "Safari" tab.

Inside we will find several functions that we can modify, but we are interested in the one that appears at the bottom, with the name "Tabs". Here we can choose the one we like the most ...

It's that simple to put the search engine back in its rightful place and have it as it was in iOS 14. But if we like it the way it is, we don't have to touch anything at all.

Once again, as we always say, these functions are configurable depending on the needs of each user, so we must always do what is most comfortable for us.

Date update on 2021-10-18. Date published on 2021-10-18. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: apperlas