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How to report or report users or messages on Discord

Online harassment is something that many users take very seriously and if you are not one of them, you should rethink your position.

Not everything goes on the internet and that is why online platforms offer tools to protect their users from cyberbullying or trolls. Discord is no exception and this is why the Discord messaging platform offers its users the ability to report any user or message when illegal or harassing activity is detected.

In this tutorial we show you how to report or report a Discord user from your mobile phone or PC:

How to report a user on Discord from the iPhone or Android app.

1. Open your Discord app.

2. Access any of the servers and then the desired channel (you can also do this for direct messages).

3. When the chat is displayed, you must press and hold on one of the Discord user messages that you want to report.

4. A new menu will appear in which you will have to select the option: Report

5. This takes you to a new screen that shows a list of the reasons why you want to report the message and the user:

Illegal content, Bullying, Spam links or phishing, Self harm, NSFW content

6. Indicate the reason for reporting and the line followed by clicking on the button: Report.

How to report a Discord Server from the Mobile app (iPhone or Android)

1. Open the Discord app

2. Select the server you want to report.

3. When it is displayed on the screen you will have to click on the three ellipsis icon next to the name of the server.

4. When the available options are displayed, you must locate and select the one that says: Report Server.

5. A new screen will open with all the Reporting options that you have available:

Promotion or promotion of spam, Harassment or abuse, Graphic or unwanted explicit sexual content, Other.

6. After selecting the one that corresponds, you will have to click on the button: Report

How to report a user or message on Discord from your computer.

1. Open Discord either in the program or using your web browser.

2. Access the Server and channel from which you want to report a message from a specific user.

3. Right click on the message to report

4. In the context menu you have to select the option: Copy link of the message.

5. Now in a new browser tab you will have to access: Discord complaint form

6. Once here you will have to fill in the fields shown in the form:

  • Are you looking for support or trying to contact the Security Team ?: Trust and safety.
  • Email: Enter your email address where you will be notified.
  • How We Can Help: Report Abuses.
  • What you want to report: Cyberbullying or abuse
  • In what plan ?: Threat or targeted harassment
  • Specifically: Threat of violence in real life, Threat of damage to reputation or Cyberbullying or Targeted harassment.
  • Link of the message: Paste the link of the message that we have copied previously.
  • Subject: Give a kind of Title to your complaint
  • Description: Explain in detail the reasons for the complaint and include screenshots and other files as evidence if you consider it appropriate.

7. Finally, you only have to click on the button: Send.

The Discord team will review your complaint and notify you of its resolution.

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