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How to resize the mouse cursor in Windows 11

One of the most important points of an operating system is the mouse cursor since it is the most important means through which we will interact with the Windows 11 operating system of our computer.

The size of this cursor or pointer may be too large or small, especially depending on the resolution of our screen or the resolution configured in our Windows 11 operating system. Fortunately, Windows 11 allows us to change the size of our mouse cursor.

How to resize the mouse cursor in Windows 11

1. Open the Windows 11 Settings app using the shortcut: Windows key + I

2. Here you will have to go to: Accessibility> Mouse Pointer and Touch input.

3. This will open a window in which you will have to locate the slider for: Size.

  • The further to the left the slider, the smaller the size of the cursor.
  • The further to the right the slider is, the larger the size of the cursor.

6. The size change will automatically be applied to the cursor so you can easily specify the desired size.

7. Once the size is according to your liking, you will only have to close the configuration and use the mouse cursor with the new size.

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