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How to set concentration modes on iPhone

We show you how to configure concentration modes on the iPhone and that in this way we can be more productive in what we do.

Today we are going to show you how to configure concentration modes on the iPhone. Ideal to get the best possible performance from everything we propose to do.

One of the functions that Apple always provides us with is productivity. And it is that it provides us with the necessary tools so that we can get the most out of everything we propose. But yes, always with one of his devices ... and this time it was not going to be less.

They present us with the modes of concentration, which we can use on both the iPad and the iPhone, and which serve to make us much more productive.

How to set concentration modes on iPhone

The process is very simple and we will be able to do everything from the settings of our device. In this case, we must go to the "Modes of concentration" section.

Once inside, we will see that we have several modes of concentration that are exemplary, but that we can also use. In the event that we do not want to use any of these and create one at our whim, it is as simple as clicking on the "+" icon that appears at the top right.

We are going to do the example with the working mode. We click on this tab and begin to configure this mode. First of all, we must select the people from whom we want to receive messages (iMessage) and calls.

When we have them selected, we choose the applications from which we want to receive notifications. To do this, click on the section that appears right next to the other that we have already configured (People).

Below we can configure our home screen, that is, the screen that will appear when we unlock the iPhone. Here we can leave a screen with the apps that we are going to use during this mode. To do this, we activate the "Custom Pages" option and then we choose the screen or screens we want to see ...

We can also configure the locked screen, so that the notifications that we have silenced appear here and to attenuate it. We recommend not activating this option and thus avoid distractions.

We now turn to a really important section, which is the time of day or place where we want this function to be activated. If we want it to be activated when we arrive at a place, we must enter its location or if we prefer, we can activate it at a specific time of day and automatically deactivate it as well, once we have arrived at that time.

And finally we have the option to eliminate the mode of concentration that we have created. In this way, everything we have configured will be removed from the device and it is as if we had not created anything.

Whatever the option, name ... that we choose, the truth is that this function is really good to get to concentrate on what we want to do. In this way, we will avoid any type of distraction that our device can generate.

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