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How to turn accent color on or off in Windows 11

The appearance of Windows 11 is something that is customizable, practically in its entirety even small details of the design of the operating system

One of the configurable aspects of the Windows 11 operating system is: Show accent color in title bars and window borders. This customization allows the user to show or hide color on the edge of the windows.

How to enable or disable accent color in windows and title bar in Windows 11

1. Press the Windows key.

2. When the start menu is displayed, you must select the icon: Settings

3. Now you will access the Settings app, in the left menu of the window you will have to go to: Personalization

4. Line followed by clicking on the option: Colors

5. In this last screen you will have to scroll down until you find the option: Show emphasis color in title bars and window borders.

6. The switch next to this option will be the one that allows you to activate or deactivate this customization.

7. Once the option is configured according to your tastes, you only have to close the configuration and check whether or not the color is now displayed on the edges of Windows 11 windows.

It should be noted that the color that will be applied to the title bar and the borders of the open windows is the same as that configured in the general Emphasis settings. The colors that you can select as window border colors are those shown in this same configuration screen, just above the function: Show emphasis color in title bars and window borders.

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