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How to turn off notifications when watching videos on iPhone

On a personal level, it should be noted that there are few things that annoy me more than watching a video on my mobile phone, such as YouTube, and not stopping receiving notifications from WhatsApp or any other app.

It bothers me a lot that when I view a video in full screen, the notifications of any app will be displayed at the top of the screen and these notifications will take up some space on the screen.

Frequent notifications can be annoying while watching videos and movies on your iPhone or iPad. Fortunately, iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad have the Do Not Disturb function that allows you to temporarily disable the notifications that are received through the apps installed on your Apple mobile device. After activating Do Not Disturb, you can enjoy YouTube videos and watch a series on Netflix without interruption.

However, it should be noted that activating the Do Not Disturb option may not be the most convenient way to avoid these notifications during full-screen video playback since Do Not Disturb must be activated and deactivated manually each time you want to avoid these notifications.

Well, now in iOS 15 the Do Not Disturb mode / option has been considerably improved and now allows you to automatically silence notifications while watching videos on your iPhone. Now in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, the revamped Do Not Disturb mode offers the ability to turn on automatically for certain specific apps. In this way, the Do not disturb mode will only be activated when we open certain apps and it will be deactivated when we exit it, such as YouTube.

Although this new iPhone or iPad Do Not Disturb feature is available only for iOS 15, the truth is that iOS 14 users will still be able to configure Do Not Disturb in the same way using the Shortcuts app.

Next, in this tutorial we will show you step by step how to disable notifications while watching videos on YouTube or Netflix on your iPhone or iPad.

How to turn off notifications while watching YouTube or Netflix on iPhone or iPad with iOS 15.

1. Open the Settings app

2. Once here you have to go to: Approach> Do not disturb

3. Within this Setting, specifically in the section Activate Automatically: (+) Add / Add

4. On the next screen you will have to select the option: App

5. Now a list will be displayed with all the applications that you have installed on the device, from which you can select, for example, YouTube and / or Netflix.

6. Finally, save the changes by clicking on: Done

Now you can check this new setting by opening the YouTube app and you will see how a small pop-up window will now appear at the top of the screen, indicating that Do not disturb is activated. Do not disturb mode will turn off only when you close the YouTube app.

How to turn off notifications while watching YouTube or Netflix on iOS 14

1. Open the default Shortcuts app in iOS 14

2. Here you will have to locate yourself in the section. Automation

3. Click on the + icon on the next screen and then on: Create personal automation

4. In the list of automations you must select: Apps

5. Line followed by clicking on select and from the app list select the app in which you are interested, either YouTube or Netflix

6. Once selected be sure to check the box: When opening

7. fter clicking next, on the next screen you will have to click on: Add action

8. Find the Do Not Disturb action and select: Define "Do Not Disturb"

9. Now when the action is shown on the next screen you will have to make sure that the Script is configured as: Activate

10. After clicking Next, a summary of the newly created shortcut will be displayed. Here you disable the function: Request Confirmation and click on OK.

Now you have to repeat the same process of creating a new automation but in this case to configure the deactivation of Do Not Disturb when closing the YouTube or Netflix app.

11. To do this during creation make sure that the option marked is On Close.

12. Then you also have to make sure that Do Not Disturb Script is set to Disable.

After saving this second automation, everything will be ready. Now when you open the YouTube or Netflix app, the Do Not Disturb feature will be activated automatically and therefore you will not receive any notification. On the other hand, as soon as you close the app, the Do Not Disturb function will be deactivated automatically and we will receive notifications from the apps installed on our iPhone again.

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