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How to uninstall Teams from Windows 11 or disable its startup

If you dont use it then you probably dont want to have it on your Windows 11 computer as the program is built into Windows 11 by default.

Also, if that wasn't enough, Windows 11 automatically starts Microsoft Teams by default on every computer startup. Many users wonder how to prevent Microsoft Teams from starting with each startup of your computer or even how to completely remove it from Windows 11.

The truth is that it is quite annoying to have to close Microsoft Teams every time you turn on your computer and start Windows 11. Microsoft Team will not be displayed in full screen, but a small icon will be displayed in the system tray on the right side of the screen. taskbar.

That said, in this tutorial we will tell you in detail how to close, remove or disable the automatic start of Microsoft Teams in Windows 11:

How to prevent Microsoft Teams from starting automatically in Windows 11

1. Open Microsoft Team

2. In the upper right part of the window, click on the three ellipsis icon.

3. A menu will open in which you have to select the Gear-shaped icon (settings)

4. Once in the Settings window, go to the General tab in the list on the left side.

5. Here you only have to uncheck the option box: Start Team Automatically

How to disable or remove Microsoft Teams from startup in Windows 11

1. Open the Windows 11 Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del)

2. Once here, go to the Home tab.

3. Here you will have to locate and right click on: Microsoft Team

4. In the displayed menu you will have to select the option: deactivate

5. Close the window and list should now not start during boot.

How to uninstall Microsoft Teams from Windows 11

1. Right click Start and select Settings from the menu.

2. Within configuration select the Applications section

3. Now in the main part of the window, select the option; applications and features.

4. A list with the apps installed on your Windows 11 will automatically be displayed.

5. Locate the Microsoft Teams one and click on it. will display the list of applications installed on your system.

6. Click on the three dots icon.

7. From the menu you will have to click on the option: Uninstall

How to hide the chat icon from the Windows 11 taskbar

1. Right click on the taskbar

2. Select the option: Taskbar Settings.

3. A new window will open in which you have to deactivate the option switch: Chat

4. The Chat icon will now be displayed on the taskbar

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