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How to use Drag and Drop a file on iPhone with iOS

Dragging a file to drop it in another place or program was practically a specific action of desktop operating systems.

For example, iPhone with iOS, did not allow the drag and drop function with files from our Apple device. But this has changed with the arrival of iOS 15, now there is the possibility of dragging files to the desired application and dropping it so that they remain in it and thus being able to use it within said app.

Apple mobile devices have been improving a lot in what is known as Multitasking. In the past, apps were watertight tools that did not allow interactions between them. This has been changing over time and recently they have been incorporating the possibility of working with several apps at the same time, being able to send or share files between these applications.

Now in iOS 15 a new and great improvement is introduced, such as the possibility of sending files from one app to another using the drag and drop mechanism that until now was exclusive to computer or desktop operating systems with Windows or MacOS.

This new function increases the ease of multitasking on our iPhone or iPad since now apps do not have to incorporate the specific function of sharing with other apps. However, it should be noted that the drag and drop function must be incorporated by the app developers, so it may be that, at this time, not all apps are supported. At the moment all Apple's default apps for iPhone have support and others from third-party developers also such as: Gmail, WhatsApp or Telegram.

That said, below, we show you step by step how to use the drag and drop function between iPhone apps with iOS:

How to use Drag and Drop files on iPhone with iOS.

1. Open any content in the compatible app such as a Web in Safari.

2. Long press on the file you want to drag and drop to another app. In our case it will be a photo of the content of the Web (It can also be text).

3. Wait until the file or item is floating on the screen as a thumbnail.

4. At this time, use the finger of the other hand to navigate and use the iPhone in the standard way. In this case, what we will have to do is access another app in which to drop the file or the item that we hold down with the other finger. In our case, we will open the WhatsApp app and access one of the chats.

5. It will be at this moment that we will have to lift the finger with which we keep the file or element selected. In this way we will drop the file or dragged element.

6. Now the app will recognize the file that we dropped and it is ready to be used. In our case, the image is ready to be sent through the selected WhatsApp chat.

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