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How to use labels in iPhone Notes

If you are the owner of a secure iPhone that you have already used the Notes app which allows you to write texts and save them as notes and documents

The problem is that when we write a large number of notes, it is difficult to find the one we want to visualize. Well, now Apple in the latest update iOS 15 and later, has introduced the function Labels for iPhone Notes that allows you to organize the Notes in order to find them much easier and faster.

In this tutorial we show you how to use the tags in iPhone Notes to easily and quickly find the one you are looking for:

How to Add and Organize iPhone Notes with Tags in iOS 15

1. Access the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Open a new or existing note.

3. Now you must write a tag in the form of a hashtag, that is, write a # followed by the name of the tag, such as: #Important

4. Line followed or after a space, you must enter the text and content that you want your Note to contain.

Important: The #Label must be shown in yellow. Also, the label does not have to be placed at the beginning of the note, but can be placed anywhere in the note. As soon as the #label is shown in Yellow, it will do its job. You can use more than one tag on the same note and use the desired font size.

5. Now go back to the main screen of the iPhone Notes app. Now you will see how a new section is displayed here that will show all the tags that are currently used in the Notes app. The name of this section is: Tags

6. In this section you will be able to click on All Tags or on a specific tag which, as their names indicate, will perform a search for the notes that contain some type of tag or a specific tag respectively.

7. From the All labels view, click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner. This will open a menu in which you can change the design of the app by clicking on the option: Gallery view or order the notes based on different criteria.

8. In this same menu you will also find the option to select notes that allows you to manually indicate the notes that you want to have a label.

9. From the specific label view, if we click on the three-point icon in the upper right part, we will obtain the same options mentioned above in addition to the option: Create a smart folder.

10. In this same view of the specific label, when we access the creation of a new note (icon in the lower right corner), this note will automatically include the specific label.

11. From the main page of the Notes application, in the lower right corner you can create a New Smart Folder based on labels by clicking on the Folder button.

When you use tags in your notes, they are also recognized by your iPhone's Spotlight search, so you can find the specific notes that contain a tag by searching for that tag.

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