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How to write dictation text with your voice in Windows 11

It is quite obvious that to enter text in any program, app or Web through your Windows 11 computer, you will have to use a physical or virtual keyboard.

However, this is not the only option since Windows 11 also allows you to enter text through voice or what is the same, write text in Windows 11 narrating with your own voice the words and phrases that will be written automatically.

Previously, to be able to write text by voice, you had to use third-party programs, however now Windows 11 incorporates a voice-writing tool. The voice typing tool is built into Windows 11 by default and is fully integrated with the operating system.

Although the Voice Typing feature is built into Windows 11 by default, this feature can be configured. But not only that, but by default there is only one way to open and access the Windows 11 Voice Typing tool and this is through a keyboard shortcut.

Although the Windows 11 voice typing or dictation tool has been created mainly for users with some type of disability, the truth is that it will also be the best tool for those who write a large number of words on a daily basis. Simplifying the function of this tool, we can say that it converts your voice into text. In this way we can enter text in any word processing application, browser or any other program just by using your voice.

That said, below, we show you in detail how to activate and use the Windows 11 voice typing tool:

How to activate or open Windows Voice Typing 11.

1. All you have to do is log into your Windows 11 user account.

2. From anywhere in the operating system or program, use the keyboard shortcut: Windows key + H

3. This will open a small window corresponding to the Windows 11 voice typing tool.

How to write text with your voice in Windows 11 using the tool: Voice typing.

1. Open the program in which you want to enter text.

2. Place the cursor where you want to write.

3. Now use the keyboard shortcut: Windows key + H

4. When the tool window appears, you will need to click on the microphone icon.

5. Finally, you only have to dictate the text that you want to be written in the place where you placed the cursor.

6. Once your dictation is finished, click on the blue microphone icon again to stop it and check how the text spoken by your voice has been typed automatically.

How to configure the Windows 11 Voice Dictation tool.

1. Open the Windows 11 Voice Typing tool.

2. When the small window appears you will have to click on the gear icon.

3. This will bring up a kind of menu in which you can individually activate or deactivate two settings:

  • Voice typing launcher: If you enable this feature, the voice typing launcher allows you to quickly access voice types when in a text box.
  • Automatic scoring: If you activate this function, the Voice Dictation tool will be in charge of writing the score so you won't have to dictate the score out loud.

Once configured correctly, you will be able to use the Windows 11 voice typing tool and take advantage of the new settings.

Date update on 2021-10-19. Date published on 2021-10-19. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: downloadsource