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If your Windows malfunctions these are the most common reasons

The Redmond operating system, as we know, is very powerful in every way, we refer to Windows 10. But it is not lacking in bugs and errors, something that in one way or another most of us have experienced on more than one occasion.

The truth is that if we take into account the huge market share of this software, when it fails it can be a major problem for millions. But with everything and with it, we tend to blame the operating system itself, when it is not always the case. There are other external agents that can be the direct culprits of these problems with Windows, ourselves included.

It is precisely about all this that we want to talk to you in these same lines. Specifically, we refer to what are the most common reasons why Windows 10 fails.

RAM memory problems

Generally, your computer stores important data in RAM, even temporarily, so problems with RAM can cause Windows to crash. Here are the dreaded blue screens and the like that often appear when Windows tries to retrieve data from memory but cannot. If this happens regularly, your PC's RAM may be failing.

We can use specific applications to see if there are problems in this component, so if yes, we may have to change some module shortly

Driver issues in Windows

Keep in mind that drivers are key software elements that allow Windows to interact with the components connected to the computer. Most of the time these are installed and updated automatically when a new peripheral is plugged in or Windows Update is running. But when the drivers go bad they can cause serious problems in the system. Manually installing the wrong driver or updating it to a faulty version are common ways of this happening.

It is the hard drive that fails

It can also be the case that it is the storage unit, hard disk or SSD, which is breaking down. This causes crashes in Windows that gradually go to a lot. This can manifest itself with errors that only occur when we try to open specific files, affecting a certain section of the drive.

In the case of an older hard drive, a clicking sound is another telltale sign that the drive is failing. Since Windows needs to access the files on the hard drive to function properly, the system can hang and crash if it cannot read those files.

Malware infections

Malicious software, including viruses, Trojans, and other such unwanted items, can cause many problems on your system. Therefore, when we start to detect bugs in Windows 10, it makes a lot of sense to run an antimalware scan to rule out any type of malicious code that causes it. For example, we can use Windows Defender.

This is their own antivirus built into the Redmond operating system, so it is a good option for it. but it is not the only one that we can use in this regard, since there are many third-party antivirus that can be very helpful in this regard.

Windows registry corruption

The first thing to know in this regard is that the Windows registry is a huge database of information. Here both Windows and the programs we install store their own data. Due to the deletion and changes that we make here, in the registry entries, there is a possibility that their content will be corrupted. While some of these bugs in this item are minor, others can completely crash Windows.

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