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Make Youtube video take up the whole phone screen

Each mobile phone has a specific screen size, which makes it really difficult to create specific content for each screen size.

For example, if we access YouTube to play a video, you can find videos with different Resolutions / size, which means that when we play them on our device in full screen, there are black spaces on the screen.

When we play a YouTube video in full screen and we see black borders on one of the sides of the screen, it will be due to a difference between the proportions of width and height of the screen with the proportions of the resolution of the video. This is what is technically called an aspect ratio.

Aspect ratio basically refers to the width and height of something, be it the frame of a video or the screen. If the aspect ratio of a video is different between the YouTube video and the screen of our device, when we play the video in full screen, the device will show black areas to cover the spaces that the video does not occupy. Let's take a practical example:

  • Youtube video aspect ratio: 4: 5 (4 for width and 5 for height)
  • Aspect ratio of your phone screen: 4: 3 (4 for width and 3 for height)

How to adjust the image of the YouTube video so that it occupies the entire screen of your Android phone or iPhone. (occupy the entire screen)

1. Open the YouTube app and proceed to play the phone horizontally and in full screen.

2. If the video has black areas on any of the edges of the video, you just have to perform the reverse gesture to the movement of the tweezers, it is said as if we wanted to enlarge or zoom in an image.

3. This will automatically make the YouTube video image completely fill the screen of your phone, eliminating the black areas of it.

How to configure the YouTube app so that the videos always occupy the entire screen of your Android phone or iPhone.

1. Open the YouTube app

2. Click on your profile picture

3. When the menu is displayed, select the option: Settings.

4. Line followed click on: General

5. Finally, you have to locate the setting: Expand to fit the screen

6. Activate the function using the switch shown next to that option.

From this moment on, whenever we play a YouTube video in full screen and horizontal position, it will be enlarged occupying the entire screen of your Android phone or iPhone and completely eliminating all the black margins that the original aspect ratio of the video showed.

Important Note: Using the Zoom to fit the screen of YouTube videos is really useful in videos whose aspect ratio does not differ much from the aspect resolution of the screen of your mobile device. If the difference in aspect ratio is very large, when the video is enlarged to fill the entire screen of your phone, a large part of the video image will also be lost. If we go back to the example we gave in this tutorial, when activating this function, we will not be able to see the top and bottom of the video image since it will be hidden when expanding the width of the image to the width of the screen of your phone.

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