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Microsoft adds more services to its Azure Arc multi cloud management suite

Now more Azure services can run on any CNFC-compliant Kubernetes cluster. Microsoft adds more services to its Azure Arc multicloud management suite.

Those at Redmond have released a set of new Azure services that organizations can now run on any CNCF-compliant Kubernetes cluster. It will be done using an Azure Arc multicloud service.

At its Build 2021 virtual event, Microsoft said that its cloud services, such as Azure App Service, Functions, Logic Apps, API Management, and Event Grid, would now be Arc-enabled. Azure Arc, released in 2019, is Microsoft's tool to help companies manage Kubernetes container clusters in clouds and on-premises data centers.

Microsoft adds more services to its Azure Arc multicloud management suite

The firm said that these Azure application services can be deployed to any Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNFC) -compliant Kubernetes cluster connected through Azure Arc.

Now-enabled services include Azure App Service for creating and managing API and web applications with a fully managed platform. It has features like autoscaling, deployment slots, and built-in web authentication. Azure Functions for scheduling, event-driven with autoscaling, triggers, and bindings to integrate with other Azure services. Also Azure Apps to create automated workflows to integrate applications, data, services and backend systems. Finally it will also integrate Azure API Management to deal with internal and external APIs.

“Application services are now enabled for Azure Arc. This means that customers can implement web applications, functions, API gateways, or logic applications. Also Event Grid services on pre-provisioned Kubernetes clusters. This was said by the firm in a statement

“This takes advantage of features including deployment slots for A / B testing. Also storage queue triggers and out-of-the-box connectors for application services, regardless of the execution location. With these turnkey portable services, customers can save time building applications. Also manage them consistently in hybrid and multi-cloud environments using Azure Arc.

Kubernetes productivity and control at the same time

Microsoft has added that with this capability now in preview, customers do not have to choose between platform-as-a-service (PaaS) productivity and Kubernetes control. The same application services can run with either model.

Gabe Monroy, vice president of Azure Developer Experience at Microsoft, talked about it in a blog post. One of the challenges he heard from customers was that despite the improved control and benefits of the Kubernetes ecosystem, Kubernetes is difficult for developers to use directly. Developers must learn many advanced concepts and APIs, which can affect productivity.

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