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More than 100 new emojis will arrive on iPhone by the end of 2021

It is expected that by September of this year iPhone approves the new designs that will be added to the device

Emojis have become a fundamental element to communicate today. The various social platforms that exist have them, which are constantly used by users, whether they are with Android or iPhone devices.

All mobile devices have these emojis, but in the case of the devices of the brand of the bitten apple there are new developments in this regard.

It appears that the company will add new emojis to its library. iPhone currently has a wide variety of these graphic elements and if you thought that with those that already had enough, everything seems to indicate that these popular miniature figures can increase even more.

The Unicode Consortium has released a ton of new emojis, and although the final list is not yet available, it is very likely that the vast majority of these will reach iPhone devices.

If so, just over 100 items will be added to Apple phones later this year, Macworld explained.

List of emojis to be added to iPhone

At the moment the final list was not accepted, so we must wait for the approval so that Apple then added its own creative twist to the emojis.

These are creative emojis that can be viewed from the official Emojipedia website. There you will find the complete list in case you don't want to miss any details.

Among the graphic elements that will come to iPhone is a face that melts, another that has tears, a pregnant man and a mirror ball.

So far, approval is being awaited for these emojis to be added to the iPhone library by the end of the year. New designs should have been approved by September

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