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My PC does not recognize the monitor after installing Windows 11

The number of people who will decide to install Windows 11 from scratch instead of updating their Windows 10 operating system will be very high

In general, this option is highly recommended to achieve better performance of our equipment, however, it can cause minor inconveniences or errors such as the possibility that your computer does not recognize the screen that we have connected, also known as Black Screen

When we upgrade our Windows 10 computer to Windows 11, all the Drivers / Drivers will be kept. However, when we perform a clean installation of Windows 11 on our computer, the specific drivers for your computer's hardware will be eliminated and those that will be installed will be generic drivers.

Precisely the absence of specific drivers for your computer is what can cause your computer not to be able to recognize the screen that we have connected to our computer. In my specific case, I use a laptop on which I have done a clean installation of Windows 11. I have this laptop connected to a second external display.

My surprise was that after installing Windows 11 and wanting to connect my external monitor via HDMI, it was not recognized by my computer and only showed the screen in Black. Well, the solution to this problem is quite simple, since it will be enough to install the specific drivers for your computer, specifically those related to the Display Adapter.

Therefore, if after installing Windows 11, your computer does not recognize the connected external display, here is the solution:

How to solve: My computer does not recognize the connected screen or monitor after installing Windows 11.

1. Turn on your Windows 11 computer or laptop.

2. Now you must access the web browser and specifically the website of the manufacturer of your computer.

3. In my case I have a Dell laptop and therefore I will access the official Dell website and specifically the driver download section for my specific computer

4. Here you must download the video drivers or in my case, download the Dell driver assistance tool.

5. If you have downloaded the video driver, you must install it on your Windows 11 computer. On the other hand, if you have downloaded the Wizard for your computer, it performs a check for missing and automatically installed Drivers from the utility.

6. Once everything is installed, you must restart your computer and check if now when you connect your monitor via HDMI, the screen is recognized.

How to fix the error: the screen is black in Windows 11 for not being recognized.

The solution shown above is possible to carry out in the event that the unrecognized screen is externally connected to Windows 11. However, in the event that it occurs on your laptop screen or you only have one screen on your computer desktop, you will not have the ability to access the website of your computer manufacturer.

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