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Original or imitation accessories for your iPhone or Apple Watch

Both the iPhone cases and the original Apple Watch straps from Apple are extremely expensive and normal, that is, with nothing in particular that makes them different, except their price.

The truth is that many people complain that original Apple accessories break to the minimum for how expensive they are. Also of the allergies caused by the € 50 straps, and how quickly the € 100 straps wear out.

There are many people who buy them on AliExpress or Amazon, where you find them very cheap and of very good quality ... and they are not allergic. And for the price they have on those platforms, you can buy several for the price that the originals have.

To be honest, other people (although they are the minority, it must be said) prefer Apple's to copies. They say that since you spend good money buying an Apple device, you have to spend the same amount on the original cases or straps. There are users for all tastes. From their point of view, from the price point, they are right, but the quality is not all that good.

Accessories for iPhone and Apple Watch ... original or imitation ?

The truth is that I have always used imitation iPhone cases. More than anything because I usually customize them and I like them much more. In fact, I bought an original and it broke down in no time. They were € 55 that I will not "waste" again on one with the logo.

And the braided Solo Loop strap? They are "simple" straps for Apple Watch that cost almost € 100 ... I use them, and I buy them on Amazon, which are similar to the originals, but at € 15

The silicone straps that Apple sells are supposedly hypoallergenic. Well, I know several cases, including me, who have had allergies. And not a small reaction, I get the part of the closure, the metal "button", extremely red. It's scary to see. That's why I use the Solo or the Sports Loop, bought from Amazon.

Date update on 2021-10-18. Date published on 2021-10-18. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: apperlas