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Page Pad add annotations to web pages in Chrome browser

Page Pad is an extension for the Chrome browser that allows you to add annotations to the web pages and articles that you visit.

Surely it will be very useful, now you can create and add notes to any page in which to indicate the most interesting of the page, related queries or anything else.

The interesting thing is that your annotations remain where you created them , that is, the note you wrote will reappear when you visit the page again.

I think that the Page Pad extension is a very useful tool to get more out of the pages we visit, especially for many professionals and students.

The extension is free and is installed like any other extension for the Chrome browser, from the Chrome Web Store.

This extension can also work in browsers other than Chrome, as long as they are based on Chromium.

Main features of the Page Pad extension

You already know some of the virtues that the Page Pad extension offers you, with which you can enhance your Chrome browser to add notes to pages.

Next, I leave you a list with some of its most outstanding characteristics :

  • Create annotations for individual articles and pages.
  • You can check all the notes on a website at the same time.
  • Editable notes that you can edit, organize and delete at any time.
  • Autosave function, so you don't worry about losing your annotations.
  • The extension can work offline.
  • It has a rich text editor, to create and edit notes with format: bold, italic, etc.

Date update on 2021-09-06. Date published on 2021-09-06. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: softandapps