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Published Google reviews are not showing

I have found some information that can be useful if your Google reviews are not showing to fix them and publish your reviews in a way that Google does not detect them as spam.

So to better explain if your Google reviews aren't showing up, whether you're the person who posted them or a business that lost some reviews, here's the must-read for you:

For the person: If your reviews published on Google do not appear in Google My Business, it may be because verification is in progress or has been detected as spam.

For business owners: If your Google My Business has lost some of the Google reviews from the list, this is due to the exact reason the reviews were removed as false, spam, or misleading information.

The reason is not stated or reported by Google and this is how the algorithm works to avoid fake reviews on Google.

Let's understand how it works and the actions you can take if your reviews are invisible on Google My Business.

Can I see if a customer has written a review today on Google?

If you have a Google My Business account and you don't get any reviews updates daily, you should know that it takes Google 7 business days to show reviews on Google My Business. Similarly, if a few reviews about your business just appeared today, they were actually posted a few days ago.

Why aren't Google reviews working?

If your Google Reviews do not work, it means that they do not appear every time you publish them, there are chances that you are making some mistakes that need to be fixed. Either you have several listings or, I will talk about those facts in detail, first of how this detects your reviews and decides whether or not they are displayed.

Reason for inclusion in GMB:

Make sure you are adding your reviews to a valid GMB page that has an active base and explains the service you received and if the review does not match the listing information or the business is no longer in service or is moving to a new business , you probably won't be able to see the reviews.

To make sure you can do an experiment with some businesses by posting some reviews and you will soon discover that reviews are rejected for those businesses that do not have any previous reviews yet. This may be because Google has decided not to show reviews before 5 have been completed.

This case is solved if the owner of GMB makes any changes or updates the companies, their pending valuations could appear in the future. Please note that it may be a temporary issue that will soon be fixed automatically.

The listing will also be displayed on the Google map along with the Google search results.

Google reviews don't count:

If you see that the reviews posted don't match the count, make sure some of the reviews have been removed or are on hold. This happens for some internal reason, including spam and abuse. Keep in mind that if you have published any links in the reviews, they are detected as spam and the irrelevant reviews will most likely be removed from the Google My Business page.

Many people have reported that they have noticed that when they have published a review that had a link within it, it has never been made public. The reviews may be visible only to you, but if you check it from the incognito window, you may get confused. account of the missing.

Before publishing any Google Business review, make sure it is relevant and does not consume any links in it. Also, if you just added a review and it shows you 6 but publicly it's only 5, wait a few days for it to update after verification from the Google My Business spam detection team.

Google Public Review: IF DELETED

All the reviews published on Google My Business are usually public and lately there is no option to hide them. Either you have to delete the review or keep it public. If your published reviews are not visible, it may be because they are pending approval, or if you have a company page where some reviews have been removed, it may be because the user has manually removed them.

On my Google My Business page I have noticed that some reviews have disappeared. There can be two reasons, either the review has been deleted by the user or simply Google has deleted them automatically, even the deletion of the user's Gmail account can lead to the deletion of all the reviews from Google My Business.

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