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Soon the website will look and read better in Edge

Although we have no other choice, we always recommend not reading from the computer screen. The backlighting, and the way characters are printed on the screen, often make it uncomfortable, as well as forcing us to strain our eyes.

Not counting when, for different reasons, blurred texts appear. To mitigate these problems, and to make reading on the screen more comfortable, Microsoft has a technology called ClearType. And soon, in addition, we will see it in your Edge browser.

ClearType is one of the exclusive Microsoft features for Windows whose main purpose is to improve the reading of texts on screens. To do this, the system applies a kind of anti-aliasing on the sub-pixels of the characters so that the screens do not sacrifice color fidelity when representing the characters. As a result, we get a much sharper, clearer and more comfortable to read text.

Now, Microsoft is considering taking this feature beyond Windows itself so that its users can improve the reading of other applications. And the next program that will implement it will be its new browser, Edge.

So we can adjust ClearType in Edge

Until now, Edge makes use of DirectWrite to print the characters on the screen. However, it is these that control the shape of the text itself, so often the browser font does not match the font of the operating system and other applications. An example of this is that the Chromium engine font is a little lighter than Windows itself, which causes a mismatch between the browser and the apps.

The new Canary version of the Edge browser introduces support for ClearType Tuner. This is one of the functions that are part of the operating system, and what it will allow us is to adjust the smoothing of the fonts that are printed on the screen, thus obtaining clearer texts.

In addition to being able to read the texts on our computer screen much better, thanks to TrueType all system apps will use a similar font.

How to activate this function

To activate and test this new feature, the first thing we must do is have the latest Canary version of Edge installed on the PC. Version that, at the moment, corresponds to 93. If we have it, the next step will be to enter the flags section to activate a new call «Enhance text contrast«. We can do it directly by typing in the address bar: edge: // flags / # edge-enhance-text-contrast

After activating this flag, and restarting the browser, we can now launch ClearType in Windows to configure the smoothness of the font in the browser.

Date update on 2021-06-04. Date published on 2021-06-04. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: softzone