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Soon you will be able to have 4 devices with the same WhatsApp account

WhatsApp continues to work on incorporating new features into the application, but today we have suddenly learned the confirmation of some of the news that will reach WhatsApp in a somewhat atypical way: through Will Cathcart himself, head of WhatsApp, and the Mark Zuckerberg himself.

The WABetaInfo blog is a benchmark when it comes to WhatsApp news. Its creator analyzes the code of each update in detail to see what new features the application is going to introduce soon. In the past he has had his fights with WhatsApp for that access to the app code, but finally they attended to reasons, and now they have come to recognize his work.

WhatsApp confirms several news to WABetaInfo

So much so, that Will Cathcart contacted him directly, and even added Mark Zuckerberg himself to the conversation, where they both acknowledged being fans of the blog, in addition to thanking him for the explanation he has made about the new privacy policies of the application. They also appreciate the effort you make in explaining the functionalities to the community, as well as collecting opinions from users about what functions they want to be incorporated into the app. Thanks to this feedback, many functions have ended up coming to the app.

In addition to the thanks, both Zuckerberg and Catchcart previewed some of the functions that will come to the application soon. Among them is a new functionality for disappearing messages. This functionality is available right now in all chats, where they are deleted after 7 days if we activate it.

Now, the new functionality is a "Disappearance mode", which activates this option in all your chats by default, so that all conversations on WhatsApp are automatically deleted after 7 days without having to activate the option one at a time. With this, it will not be possible to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp

Before that feature, they will also launch another so-called "watch once", which basically implies that all the content we send will disappear once the person has seen it, in a similar way to what Snapchat started offering. Of course, whoever sees it, can take a screenshot or record a video

Zuckerberg also confirmed that they are working on the synchronization of messages between devices, but that it is posing a great challenge at a technical level, but that they have managed to find the right solution and that they are looking forward to launching it. In fact, the multi-device functionality will reach beta users in the next two months.

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