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Spotify drains the battery of iPhones with iOS 15 too fast

From what it seems Spotify is draining the battery of the iPhone with iOS 15 much faster than expected causing annoyance to users.

iOS 15 has been with us for a few days. All the improvements that have accompanied the update of the operating system have made both the iPhone and the iPad improve a lot in some of its different aspects.

But the release of this update has not been without its errors and some glitches either. Among them, one of the most notorious, has been the failure of Instagram by which the songs of the Stories were not played on the iPhone.

This failure greatly reduces the battery and overheats our iPhone and iPad

Although, obviously, it has not been the same. In fact, it has been learned about one of a widely used app that can be really annoying. It is about Spotify and that, currently, it is draining the battery of the iPhone with iOS 15, although it does not seem to affect, to a lesser extent, the iPhone with iOS 14.8.

This is not just about something users have reported. From what it seems from Spotify they have admitted the existence of this failure in their application and its "incompatibility" with the new Apple operating system (and with iOS 14.8).

What this glitch or error seems to affect is battery life. It is considerably reduced and nothing that users were used to before updating the operating system of the iPhone and iPad. In addition, there is also overheating of the devices which could, among others, an explanation for the direction of the battery being reduced excessively.

At the moment, although Spotify has recognized this failure, there is no solution to it. The only thing left is to wait for an update to be released as soon as possible that will solve it. Have you been affected by this bug in iOS 15 or iOS 14.8?

Date update on 2021-10-18. Date published on 2021-10-18. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: apperlas