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The Apple Watch takes care of your health in different ways

The Apple Watch has gone from being a functional gadget to organize yourself to a device that can support you in taking care of your health.

Apple has been adding new sensors to the iWatch to make it more efficient when it comes to measuring health goals, such as steps per day, calories burned or heart rate.

Over the generations, the Apple Watch can take care of your health in up to 10 different ways. The most current devices already have precise sensors that, although they do not replace the ones your doctor has, can give you a clear idea of your current state of health.

From calling the emergency room in case of serious falls to a personal trainer on your arm, the Apple Watch has become a great ally for men and women who want to keep their health in perfect condition. These 10 tips are proof of this:

Detect hard falls and call 911

A few days ago we told you that an Apple Watch had saved the life of a man after a fall. This lucky case has been due to the fact that the Apple Watch has the fall detection function, where if the user does not respond in a few seconds, the device immediately calls 911.

In addition to that, the emergency services have access to the GPS location of the person, so the paramedics can arrive after a silent call.

Track your menstrual cycle

The Apple Watch gives women the opportunity to track their menstrual cycle in a timely manner. Just by entering the personal data, the device will help them to follow their calendar in a timely manner and check the current health status without the need to do calculations with other applications.

Meditation and relaxation function

The Apple Watch sensors have a utility called Breathe. Its function is simple: when the device detects that the user's heart rate is high even when resting, it will send a notification so that she can do breathing and relaxation exercises.

This will allow the user to stay calm, reduce their level of mental stress and do some work on their daily meditation.

Take care of your hearing health

Thanks to the microphone integrated into the body of the watch, the Apple Watch is able to detect the level of sound to which the user is exposed. If the device detects sounds that are too loud, the iWatch will send a warning notification.

sleep tracking

Sleeping poorly will have serious consequences on people's physical and mental health. After several updates, the Apple Watch is now capable of tracking the wearer's sleep.

The device will tell its owner how many hours they have slept, but more importantly, it will tell them how many of those hours of sleep were quality and truly restful.

Proper hand washing

After these last 2 years, people are already very aware that correct hand washing saves lives. 20 seconds is enough to be able to wash yourself and eliminate most of the diseases and bacteria that live on your fingers.

The Apple Watch has a function where it will detect that the owner is washing their hands, so the device will start a 20-second timer so that users can clean themselves properly.

A recording of the heart rate

Of course, the Apple Watch is not the only device that can measure heart rate, but it is one of the most accurate. For this reason, the wearable will automatically track users' heart rate and notify them if there are unexpected increases or decreases.

It is not a medical device nor does it plan to come close to that function, but users will be able to have accurate information to attend a review if necessary

Measures oxygen in the blood

Newer Apple Watches have the ability to measure blood oxygen levels using the sensor on the back of the device. The sensor is used to illuminate the blood vessels and the iWatch will determine the level of oxygen in the blood.

EKG function

An electrocardiogram or ECG is a test that helps users assess the general condition of their heart by measuring the electrical activity in this vital organ. The Apple Watch has the possibility that users can perform an ECG test quickly and in a few minutes.

It is undoubtedly a very useful function, since with an electrocardiogram heart problems can be detected in a timely manner before they become more serious.

Track training and physical activities.

The main function of the Apple Watch, and I would say that the main function for which users have preferred this Apple device over other options. The iWatch will track users' workouts, displaying data such as calories burned, workout time and average heart rate.

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