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The best uses you can give the Amazon Echo Show screen

Having a smart speaker at home is usually common, but Amazon and Google also have their devices with a screen. This is the case of the Google Nest Hub or the Amazon Echo Show.

What is this panel of the Amazon device for? Its main difference with other smart speakers is precisely the screen we are talking about and that is why in this article we will try to clear all the possible doubts you have about it. Do you really need it? It is useful? That contribute? Is it worth it instead of going for a classic Echo Dot or Echo Studio? There are many uses for the Echo Show screen and here we will try to explain all of them if you are looking to make up your mind and choose which one to buy.

What is the Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show is the family of Google speakers with a screen that have the "smart" advantages of the Echo range but also with a front display in which we can see a little more information and not just listen to it. They allow you to make video calls, access streaming video applications or check the weather forecast instead of being dictated by Alexa, for example.

There are currently several devices in the Echo Show family or several different generations that vary in screen size, speaker quality (s), built-in camera quality, or size. All of them are around a price ranging from 85 euros to 250 euros and can be purchased on Amazon.

Uses for the Amazon Echo Show screen

What is it for? What is the use of that speaker panel?

Follow you

Amazon Echo Show 10 is able to follow you even if you move. That is, the device has a rotating base capable of knowing where you are and following you so that you always see the screen even if you are moving around the room. It is automatically capable of detecting where you are so that you are always seeing what is there even if you don't stop moving. It does not work on all models or generations but, for now, you can use it on the Amazon Echo Show 10 3rd Generation.

Videos and streaming apps

One of the most interesting uses is to use it to watch streaming content. It is probably not comparable to using the platforms on the large TV but it can be an alternative if you watch series or movies on a tablet, for example. It allows you to watch all kinds of content on Netflix, on Amazon Prime Video or in other compatible applications or skills such as RTVE if you want to watch the news live, for example, while you are doing something else.

Check time, calendar or time

You can use the screen to get an idea of everything you have to do or even to check the time like a designer clock when you are not using it at the moment. But it also allows you to consult the agenda. In a normal speaker it would be enough to tell Alexa what you have to do today but here you can see a calendar with all the appointments without having to take notes or remember what you said.

The same happens with the weather, you will be able to see the weather forecast on the screen with clear icons as we see it in any newsletter or on the smartphone. You can see if it will rain, if it will be sunny, what temperature it will be ...

Digital photo frame

One of the options for using the Amazon Echo Show screen is to view photos stored in Amazon Photos. If you have synchronized the image service with your mobile phone, your photographs will be automatically uploaded so you can convert the Amazon Echo Show, in any model, into a digital frame when you are not using it. You can configure it so that the photos are seen as a slideshow or you can view them alternating with other content from the home screen, for example. In addition, the speaker with display has adaptive color adjustment that allows them to look good in any situation.

Amazon Prime users, for an annual or monthly price, have unlimited cloud storage for all images regardless of their weight or quality. They are synchronized with Amazon Photos or Drive and we can organize them in folders to our liking, filter by people who appear in them, etc.


You can listen to music directly on the speaker even though it's not one of the best screen features on the Amazon Echo Show. It is a good idea if what you want to see are video clips, for example, the Spotify animations that show on the different screens when you play a song. But, in addition, you can also see the lyrics of almost any song when you use it to listen to music. You can have a kind of karaoke at home without investing in a specific one.

Step-by-step recipes

One of the most interesting uses for this type of screen speaker is to place it in the kitchen. Therefore, we can use it to follow step-by-step recipes that appear on the Echo Show screen. Specialized applications or skills such as Cookpad can be reproduced on the panel of the device so that we can follow step by step what we must do at all times. Just say "Alexa" followed by the recipe you want to search for and you will find all the options. "Alexa, cheesecake recipes" if you are looking for something specific or "Alexa, appetizer recipes" if you want something general that allows you to decide between several.

Entertainment and skills

If you are a fan of any sport, it can give you a summary of what happened each day. It will show you in a video the goals or the most important moments of the previous day, for example. Just say “Alexa, soccer summary”. You can also ask any type of information about how a match has been, in which position a team is in the leaderboard or you can see a complete soccer calendar with the next matches, days or competitions.

It also allows you to listen to audiobooks on Audible, for example. Or download apps from popular programs and even apps like Duolingo that will help you brush up on your English skills while doing something else. Even while you are having breakfast or dinner, you can take the opportunity to listen to a fragment of a book, a podcast.

Video calls

All Amazon Echo Show models, from cheapest to most expensive, include a camera at the top of the screen. From 1 megapixel to 13 megapixels to be able to make video calls directly from the speaker. The shape of the device makes it much more comfortable without depending on the mobile phone, but it has conditions: you can only make calls to other people who have an Echo device. If they do, you can talk hands-free using that screen. It can be done whenever you want to someone with an Echo or Alexa app.

Home automation and doorbell control

From the screen you can have a kind of digital home from which to control all compatible devices. From here you can control the home automation to manage the cameras in your house but also the smart lights. In addition, you can do it through the panel itself or using your voice. If you have a Ring doorbell you will be able to know who is currently knocking at the door before going to open it or check it on your phone.

Security cameras

This option will only help us if we have a compatible device but you can link your Echo Show screen with the Ring application of security camcorders or smart doorbells and this will allow you to use the speaker's screen to know who has called the doorbell if they have a camera or to control another room, as we have explained before. For example, if you have a room with a baby and you want to keep an eye on it while you do something else.

Not only can you use the screen to view your cameras, but you can use the speaker-screen itself as a security camera. If you are away from home, you can access the specific application to tell it to show you around the house and it will make a complete turn around the room so you can check that everything is in order.


It may seem much less interesting but its front camera of up to 13 megapixels will allow children (and not so young) to take selfies using the camera that incorporates in the screen. You simply have to tell Alexa to take a photo and you can choose if you want filters, stickers, colors. In addition, there are several modes available for images or captures and you can even do a burst or “Four Shot” mode in which you will take four pictures with one second of each other. One of the fun alternative uses for the speaker.

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