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The monitor also known as a screen is a type of hardware

In short the monitor is the screen or part of the computer where the information is projected or displayed, be it image, text, or a combination of these, that the computer supplies.

The word monitor refers to the video screen, whose main function is to allow the user to interact with the computer. These connect to the computer via a graphics card, video card, or adapter.

Polychromatic monitors

It is the type of monitor where a wide variety of tones can be viewed through its screen, reaching a million.

Monochrome monitors

Refers to monitors that only project images in one color. The colors can be: black on white, amber or green. They can only project texts.

Types of monitors according to capacity and technology:

Led monitor

A type of semiconductor monitor that incoherently and luminescently emits light. Its light is focal and stays in one direction only.

This type of monitor does not shine much when it is presented as unique, but being in a space in combination with other monitors of the same characteristics, it creates a very effective and pure light.

They are composed of a series of LEDs that manage to light up as soon as they receive an electrical impulse. In advantage they outperform pixel monitors as they do not melt. They are made with extreme quality and very flat.

CTR monitor

Mostly known under the name of cathode ray tubes, which are a series of devices used in monitors and televisions. These tubes fire at the screen creating illumination on it when it makes contact with the electrons. The shot is fired through a barrel and the illuminating screen is covered in phosphor.

These are color monitors, which have pixels made up of green, blue and red phosphor, and which manage to illuminate any area that has a different intensity of tone.

LCD or plasma monitor

It is a very thin, flat, liquid crystal display, which has a series of colored pixels that stay in front of the light. It offers a resolution of 120 x 720 pixels.

It has a range of colors that is its color support, which has a delayed time where it shows an image in the same period in which a pixel changes color. It measures 16.10 high and 5.4 high.

DLP monitors

Made up of an optical semiconductor that modulates light digitally through various microscopic mirrors located in a rectangular collector.

This semiconductor is known as a Digital Micromirror Device. The mirrors of this semi-conductor are kept separated from each other by 1 micron, in combination they can be activated many times per second. They are used to send the light to a specific place on a pixel.

Types of monitors according to your signal

Digital monitors

As their name indicates, they are monitors that work with digital signals, which project a specific amount of colors and grayscale. Of these types of monitors are EGA monitors and CGA monitors.

Analog monitors

These are the monitors that usually work under analog signals, which manage to project a wide variety of colors that reach 256 colors, and at the same time show various gray scales. AND

Examples of these are VGA monitors, multi-frequency monitors, and fixed-frequency monitors.

Types of monitors according to their pixels or resolution:

CGA monitors

For its acronym is known as monitor Color Graphics Adapter. It has a resolution of 640 x 200 and 320 x 200 pixels.

MDA monitors

A type of monitor known as a Monochrome Display Adapter or as monochrome monitors. Through these only texts can be viewed. Its resolution reaches up to 350 vertical pixels and 720 horizontal pixels.

EGA monitors

By its acronym it is known as Enhanced Graphics Adapter. They usually offer a resolution of 350 vertical pixels and 640 horizontal pixels.

SVGA monitors

Its acronym refers to the Super Video Graphics Array monitor, in which you can see 600 vertical pixels by 800 horizontal pixels. The same in full resolution come to have 480,000 pixels.

VGA monitors

By its acronym Videl Graphics Array, it is the type of monitor that has a screen with a total resolution of 302,200 pixels, where horizontally it has 640 pixels by 480 vertical pixels.

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