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The monitor is the screen through which we can interact with the computer

Using as a means of other peripherals to be able to access information, or search for it (such as mouse, keyboard, sound, among others). The components of a computer are very important, since one depends on the other to be able to operate.

These hardware components are connected to the CPU, to work together and display the images through the monitor. It looks like a TV, and it is normal if we find televisions with computer inputs to be able to use them as a monitor.

The most logical function of a monitor is to give an image to all the jobs, the orders and the visualization of the content that is on the computer. One of the most notorious characteristics in relation to the monitor is the resolution it has (the higher the resolution, the better the image).

Monitor Features

The resolution is defined by the acronym ppi (dots per inch). Old monitors offered resolutions of up to 800 x 600, but currently the resolutions of standard monitors are from 1280 x 800 onwards.

The size of images displayed by a monitor is measured in inches. They are measured diagonally, from the bottom to the top corner. It should not be confused with resolution, as an image may be large in size, but may have poor definition.

Frequency is another factor to take into account in a monitor. Televisions come with a standard frequency, but monitors do not. It is expressed in Hertz and indicates how fast the monitor update is.

Having a high frequency will prevent us from seeing some jumps, flickering in the images that are displayed on the monitor. This is very important for gamers and those who are dedicated to using design programs.

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